Where Does The Road Go?

Yesterday I decided to find out where the road goes.This river is so clean you can see the rocks on the bottom clearly and only 5 minutes walk from meI was going to take the dogs down to the water but the river is so high there is no bank to stand onJust the view … Continue reading Where Does The Road Go?



Kato aiming at a tree; good boy!I have been told to "Piss Off!" I have been pissed off! I have changed diapers with piss in them. And I have known people with a pissy attitude. I have even laughed so hard I peed my pants (just a little) I have jumped on a trampoline and … Continue reading Piss!!

I Got The Hell Outta There

Looking down to the creek from the trail.From the trail looking ahead to the creekWhat's remaining of the old dam looking at it from the trailThis photo was taken from beside the damThe culvert that feeds the water into the poolA view of the culvert and pool from up on the trail looking downThe fork … Continue reading I Got The Hell Outta There