I Am Such A Mess

That picture is one of my coffee tables, my house has never been this filthy in my life. I used the last clean coffee cup this morning and had to use a dirty spoon for the sugar. Its kind of surprising seeing as I have eaten anything for 2 days. I can't think of anything … Continue reading I Am Such A Mess


Trust Me-Don’t Look Back!!

I wish I'd taken my own advice but I didn't so I am passing along what I learned. Communicating with your ex N (in any form, even if it's just listening to a mutual friend tell you about them, checking them on Facebook; whatever) will only bring you pain. Knowing what they are doing only … Continue reading Trust Me-Don’t Look Back!!

Does A Narcissist Ever Admit They Are Wrong?

Recently I was reading another blog on someone else's experiences with a narcissist, (there are many blogs and websites on the terror of being involved with a narcissist. Once you have been involved with a narcissist you are compelled to warn as many people as possible). Some one asked, "Does a narcissist ever apologize? Do … Continue reading Does A Narcissist Ever Admit They Are Wrong?

A Warning To Women In BC

Believe it or not these are the laws in BC, I have been dealing with them 1st hand. If you are planning on letting a man live with you or even stay for a few days! be aware of what you are getting yourself into! If he gives you any money towards rent, even $100 … Continue reading A Warning To Women In BC