The Inevitable Happened

I don't know how many of my followers noticed that I have received a couple of nasty comments recently; one from JC and then this morning one from a "Chuck". I "spammed" JC's right away and then regretted it because I thought his response was so typical of a narcissist I should have left it. … Continue reading The Inevitable Happened


Doing The Right Thing Should Be Easy

James insisted he had grabbed the chain out of Kris's hand. I told him I didn't know what to believe. He asked me to at least check out what he was telling me and I promised I would. I picked Kris up from the hospital the next morning and I told him I had talked … Continue reading Doing The Right Thing Should Be Easy

The Perfect Little Family

I was beyond ecstatic for a few weeks and wore maternity clothes almost immediately, I wanted everyone to know I was pregnant; I wanted the cutest maternity outfits. Then the paranoia set in and I was afraid I might miscarry. Every possible thing I could worry about I obsessed about, the doctor even gave me … Continue reading The Perfect Little Family

When There Are Strings Attached

Why being self sufficient is so important When I was posting about the fellow who had a place for me to put a trailer I mentioned I feared there would be strings attached. I hate to sound untrusting and suspicious or to insinuate that a man would never do anything nice for a woman without … Continue reading When There Are Strings Attached