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Why Was I Attracted To The Narcissist ?

Not long ago a fellow named Tom commented on my page, “Playing With The Cards I’m Dealt”

He said that the victims have to look at their part in the relationship especially what attracted them to the narcissistic and why they stayed, like Tom said, “the guy didn’t pack you off, tie you up and keep you prisoner.” That is a very common opinion of people who have never experienced abuse first hand. It is a factual statement, none of us were physically shackled.

It is true that some women get involved with one abusive man after another and they really do need to look at what they are getting from that type of relationship.

But, correct me if I am wrong; most women who have been in a relationship with a narcissistic/psychopath had never been in an abusive relationship before. I am not saying the victim has no responsibility in the relationship; as I said in my Last Letter of Thanks To JC, I take responsibility for the relationship going on far too long.

So I thought I’d share in a little more detail how JC and I met and why I was so attracted to him.
I was building to that with my posts about the baby I gave up for adoption in 1975, my first husband’s motorcycle accident and my son, Kris’s birth and then got sidetracked. I really hate to leave things 1/2 done and Tom’s question has motivated me to wrap it all up.

First of all I wanted to finish up the story about my first marriage, Victor got out of the trauma unit and was in a ward for another 2 1/2 months. When he came home he still required alot of care, dressing changes, etc. He didn’t remembered any of his time in ICU. I was drained and needed nurturing myself, Victor just could not understand. My dream to have a baby I could keep and bring home to a loving family had been dangled in front of me and then snatched when Victor had his accident.
I needed to go back to work, Victor burying himself in booze, I just couldn’t handle it and we split up. We carried a torch for each other for many years and I knew I would never love anyone like I had loved Victor, in my heart he was my one true love. When Kris was 2 they couldn’t hold off any longer and I had to have a hysterectomy. I remarried, twice; the first time I knew I didn’t really love the guy but he was good to Kris and Kris needed a daddy ,(stupid of me to marry someone for that reason I know that now) before our 1st anniversary we were split because the guy wanted me to ship Kris off to his dads. I married again years later and won’t bore you with the details, but we still keep in touch and probably should have just been friends and never married.

Through the years after my first marriage broke up I went to counselling to deal with issues from my childhood, I took effective communication courses, joined a gym and over came an eating disorder, basically I worked on myself.

I had worked very hard and by 1998, at the age of 40 had $20,000 in retirement saving, a $200,000 beautiful home and an excellent credit rating. Due to circumstances beyond my control, some stupid choices on my part, a bad economy and my ex I lost everything and was starting over at 42.

I had been dating a bit, had a profile on POF but hadn’t met anyone I wanted to continue seeing and had made the decision to just be single for awhile and had not accepted any more dates. There was one fellow, a lawyer, who was very persistent about wanting to meet so I agreed to meet him for a drink. He had sent his picture but I had deleted it and only had a vague idea what he looked like. I didn’t want to admit I had deleted his picture and figured we were meeting on a Wednesday evening, how many guys would be single in the bar and looking like they were looking for someone? I was sure I’d be able to pick him out.

I had come from booking the staff Christmas party at a nice restaurant and went to wait for him at the agreed upon bar. He was stuck in traffic so I ordered a glass of wine, then another, he still hadn’t arrived so I went out on the patio to have a smoke, keeping my eye on the door should he walk in. Then a nicely dressed fellow walked in, jeans, nice crisp white shirt, black leather bomber type jacket, glasses, short tight curly hair; and he was scanning the room like he was looking for someone. I thought to myself, “He’s much better looking than I had thought.” I started to walk in his direction, I knew I was looking good. I had on a short tight skirt, 3 inch pumps that made me 6’2″ I had long sun bleached hair that I kept in a style my brother called my “FF look” (freshly fucked ) I was smiling, our eyes met and he smiled back. It must be him I thought and started to put my arms out to give him a hug but just before I got to him I realized, no!! it can’t be him! This guy is much younger and I turned and went to sit at my table. I felt like an idiot, the guy must be wondering what the hell was that all about? I was looking out the window wishing the mother ship would beam me out of there when I heard,”can I buy you a drink or are you waiting for. someone?” I turned and was looking at a man’s crotch, my eyes travelled up catching a glimpse of a slightly hairy chest where his shirt was undone, I could feel myself starting to blush and as our eyes met I stammered I was waiting for someone. He smiled and said,” I figured as much but I had to ask, have nice night” and went back to his table. “Nice bum” I thought.

I had to use the washroom and walked past his table on the way, he smiled, and kinda gave me a little wave, he seemed sort of shy. I walked past him again going back to my table but I turned and went back to his table.
Me; “I think I owe you an explanation as to why I almost hugged you and then walked away and sat down.” so I explained the whole story of how I was on this internet dating site and I was meeting this guy, had thrown his picture away and he looked like he was looking for someone but I realized he was much younger etc. We had a couple of laughs and he said something about he had been thinking about trying an online dating site but didn’t have a computer. I said I hadn’t had much luck so far and had decided to give it a rest and then I went and sat down.

When my date still hadn’t shown up I went for another smoke and had to walk past the nice bum guy again, we exchanged smiles. On my way back to my table as I walked past him he said, “I hope you’ll call me if the date doesn’t work out” and handed me a piece of paper with his number on it. Just as I am taking the paper from his hand (nice strong hands that showed he wasn’t afraid of a hard days work), my date walked in.


My date was a self centered blowhard that talked loudly, bragged about all his possessions, how much money he made, and how important he was.  He put a price tag on everything and complained loudly when the food was a little slow coming. We had ordered appetizers and of course he had eaten better somewhere else. I was bored out of my mind and left as soon as possible. He was the kind of guy I would have called a narcissist at that time and a complete turn off. He seemed surprised when he said he’d call me and I said not to bother. I thanked him for dinner and hightailed it out of there. If I had been undecided about getting out of POF  this guy settled it; I was done with online dating. I had met guys who were still living with their mother, guys who were “separated” but still living with their wife, guys who spent the whole night talking about what a bitch their ex was, guys looking to get lucky, guys looking for someone to cook and clean for them, I’d met psychos who fell in love on the first date and got jealous because I looked up when a guy walked in. One guy accused me of meeting a guy in the bathroom. Another guy I had only talked to on the phone wanted to come over at 11 pm and when I said no he lost it and started screaming at me, then called back to apologize and say he was grumpy because he had just quit smoking and I told him to start again. I had met guys who, even though we had met in person still wanted to chat on the internet instead of just calling and talking.

I just wanted to meet a normal hard working guy who didn’t have little kids, and didn’t have a bunch of baggage.

When I got home my son asked how it went and I told him the guy was a loser and then told him about the guy that gave me his number. My son said, “Call him”.
I said that he looked alot younger than me. My son said,”Mom, all my friends think your a milf.”
Me: “Kris!”
Kris: “Its true mom. Maybe you need to date someone younger, call him, what have you got to lose?”
Me: “Really ? You think I should call? Is it too late? Its almost 10.
Kris getting exasperated now:  “Call!!!!”
Me: “ok!! I’ll call I’ll call.”

So I called. It rang twice and he picked up.
Me: “Hi, its Carrie calling. I don’t know if you remember me, you gave me your number tonight at the bar?”
Him laughing: “I remember. How did your date go?”
Me: ” I’m calling aren’t I.”

JC used to say, “If you knew the truth you wouldn’t be this upset.” I’d say, “Well tell me the truth then”. And he’d say, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you so why bother.” A variation of this was, “If you knew the truth you’d feel really stupid for thinking what you’re thinking.” In every case it was always way worse than anything I could have imagined.

I was told something a couple of weeks ago that finally made all the puzzle pieces fall into place and I finally know the truth about something that happened 4-5 years ago and I have been literally sick a about it since. The minute I heard it I knew I had the truth finally and I wanted to vomit.

The old saying, “The truth always comes out.” sure proved to be true with JC. Sometimes I would KNOW he was lying, I would know in my gut there was more to the story he was telling me and I would bide my time, keeping mental notes and bit by bit the truth would surface, he would forget what he lied about and slip up somehow or I would find a picture or a letter that would prove he’d been lying. Once I had the hurtful truth then he would criticize me for living in the past and not letting things go. It is not living in the past if you find out about it a year later and realize he has been looking you right in the eyes and lying for a solid year and not only that; getting angry with you for being suspicious.

On November 16th 2007 I drove JC to the airport to fly to Edmonton to visit his mom before he flew out to Sudan Africa. We had been semi split for most of 2007, he was planning to go to Sudan as a volunteer on a farmer’s coop as a mechanic. I thought it was the most unselfish thing he had ever done and let him stay with me while he prepared to go, loading containers with his tools and such. I noticed he was packing up all his expensive good tools and asked him why he would ship his good tools over there because how would he get them back and he would need them for work when he returned. He said he would replace them when he got back, this was for charity and they had to have decent tools. I was skeptical, but couldn’t figure out what he was up to. I had told him he could stay with me but out of respect for me I expected he would stay out of the dating sites while he was living under my roof and sleeping in my bed. As was the case whenever we split up we were still seeing each other almost daily and having sex on a regular basis and saying “I Love you” . He was always saying, “I’m done, it’s over!” and then call me later that day and ask if I was hungry, I usually said no and he’d sound all sorry and sympathetic and say, ”You have to eat something.” He’d buy me supper and act like nothing had happened, so I never knew for sure if we were a couple or not, but I was always faithful to him and I told him that as long as we were having sex I expected he would be faithful. I think he thought I meant I wasn’t into threesomes because we could have sex in the morning and he could screw another woman that night.

I told him I was uneasy about him going to Africa and meeting someone and he had assured me he wasn’t going to Africa to meet women, he had a job to do while he was there and that was it. He would be out in the middle of no where on a farm and they weren’t allowed to leave the farm without an armed escort because of the LRA kidnapping and killing Christians. As far as I was concerned we were a couple again.

He flew to Edmonton on the 16th and called me every day, sometimes twice a day until he got on the plane to Africa. On the 26th his first ex called me drunk and full of hatred for JC. I hung up on her several times and finally let the answering machine get it; she called 37 times and left venomous messages that got worse with every call. Every thing she said about JC I knew to be true for me also but I wasn’t going to get into it at 3 am with a drunk. She asked me if I knew how she knew my number and answered her own question; JC had called her from my phone which I assumed to be the case. Then she called again the next night and I told her he and I were split and she left me alone.

On the 29th I emailed JC and told him about her calls. December 1st he called and said he was coming home in 5 days, he has Malaria and pneumonia, we got cut off so I called his mom and she called the head of the Farmer’s Coop, CB, they told her that he was going home because his mom was really sick. We assumed they meant his birth mother but his birth mother wasn’t sick either.

December 5th JC called 2 times again, making all kinds of promises to me about being faithful, getting out of dating sites etc. He sounded sincere and I was happy he was coming home before Christmas.

December 7th JC called to say he was boarding the plane leaving Sudan.

I picked him at the airport December 9th.

My journal entry from December 12th 2007.
JC came home with roses. But he’s not sleeping, just on the internet trying to line things up for Sudan. He hasn’t mentioned “us” at all. He picked up a load of scrap that was supposed to be for me and cashed it in. I went to get coin from my coin jar in the bedroom and there is $100 missing. He can’t remember all the money I gave him before he left and says I owe him money. His Edmonton mom keeps calling to talk to him. I give him the messages but he doesn’t return her calls.

He was coming and going as he pleased, sometimes home at night other times coming home in the wee hours of the morning or not at all and he refused to answer his phone. I figured he had come home because he was afraid his ex had gotten through to me and he was afraid of losing me but once he was home he treated me with more disregard than ever. He also told me that when he got there he had told CB he needed to be paid while he was there, he had bills at home that needed to be covered (which he didn’t) so he had talked CB into paying him $500 American a month. Not much but when you are confined to a farm in the middle of no where what are you going to spend money on? And he had told me it wasn’t enough and he was trying to get more out of CB before he went back, he wasn’t doing this for nothing. I said, “That’s what “volunteering” is, doing something for nothing.”

I ended up putting my neck out and was in extreme pain, JC bought me flowers and muscle relaxers and told me to take 3 and just go to bed; for once he seemed genuinely sympathetic. Before I laid down I told him to please not eat the special cookies I had baked for my son that I was going to ship to him with his Christmas gifts (his favorites that are a bitch to make and I only make them once a year for my kiddo) I told him he could eat anything else and there was tons of baking around that I had done.

I don’t usually take medication so it really hit me and I was out for hours. When I woke up I noticed right away that he had eaten almost all the cookies I had asked him not to eat. Then I looked around and he had been through every cupboard, drawer and closet in my place and had stacked or boxed up everything he planned to take with him. All my school books on business management, human resources, etc, all my fancy stationary, envelopes, stapler, pens, printer paper you name it he had it stacked ready to go, plus some pots, dishes etc. and my computer card so my computer wouldn’t work. I went outside and told him he couldn’t just take whatever he wanted and to ask me if he wanted something and gave him shit for eating Kris’s cookies and then went back to lay down.

December 17th he drove me to ship Kris’s gifts by bus and on the seat in his truck was a list of things he was taking to Sudan and ½ of it was my stuff, I got angry and confronted him on it and he got angry, slammed on the brakes and punched me in the arm and screamed over top of me while I cowered in the corner of the truck. When we got back to my place I went in and he stayed out in his truck for a few hours and then came in and continued packing. That night while I slept he cleaned me out of the rest of my coin (over $75), all my tools, drill bits, sockets, brand new paint, brushes and rollers and the list goes on.

I realized then that when I emailed him saying his ex had called he must have panicked because he had all his stuff stored at my place and been afraid I would trash it or sell it. I didn’t and never have done anything like that. But he was acting like I owed him. I was so angry I told him to tell his family and CB to lose my number I was done with him. He left the next day and I cried for two days.

On the 20th of December CB called me because he had sent JC a money draft for over $14,000 to buy equipment and now couldn’t get hold of him; he had changed his phone number, the guy he was supposed to be buying the stuff from hadn’t heard from him either. I called a mutual friend and he gave me JC’s new number so I called CB back and gave it to him. I didn’t hear from JC and had no idea where he was so I left a message at his new number saying I had put his stuff outside. He never came to get it and it snowed and then rained, too bad, if he won’t answer his phone why should I worry?

When I went out to leave for work on Dec 22nd he was parked across the driveway and really pissed about his stuff being outside. I told him, you change your phone number and don’t tell me, disappear for days without so much as an “F you” and you are pissed I put your stuff outside? Either move your truck now or I am calling the police. He sat there in his truck fuming for a few minutes and then moved and I left for work. When I got home he had taken everything I had asked him not to. I didn’t hear from him again until the 28th of December when he called and asked how I was. I said, “You cleaned me out and took most of my tools, how do you think I am?” he denied taking anything.

I don’t recall exactly how he managed it but I forgave him again before he left for Africa. This time when he went I heard from him twice in the first week and then nothing for a couple of months, his mother in Edmonton called twice to tell me she had talked to him and he sent his love to me and said he missed me. Then one day he called and said he was in some tavern in Africa and having a malaria attack, he didn’t know exactly where he was and he was sick and scared. I got what info I could and called his Edmonton mom and she called CB and apparently they found him and took him malaria medicine. Shortly after than he called and said he was coming “home” and wanted to see me.

I waited a week without a word and then he called, he was in Sechelt visiting his birth mother and would it be ok for him to come and talk to me. He arrived with a bouquet of flowers, gifts from Africa and full of love and promises. I was leery of course. He put his luggage in the kitchen, with his brief case sitting open on top. As I walked past I noticed a professionally taken picture of a beautiful black woman sitting on top of his paperwork in his briefcase; I took it out and under it was a letter from I assumed her to him. It was like a letter a teenage girl would send a famous rock star. She was the assistant to a major benefactor of the charity JC had been volunteering for, her boss had told her about JC and she wanted to meet him because of all the wonderful things he was doing to help her people.

I asked him about it and he said she had insisted he take her picture and yes he had met her because the benefactor had met him at the airport when he landed in Uganda and was acting as a tour guide of sorts while JC looked for more equipment for the farms. I didn’t believe him totally and asked if he was involved with her, did he have sex with her and he denied it all. When he had come back he had been telling me how when the containers got there some of them were empty, and the ones he had left when he came home the first time someone had stolen everything out of them before they got to the farm and he had said that the guy running the farmer’s coop had his own farm and had taken the equipment to his own farm to use and how corrupt he was. He told me the guy’s son had used pages out of JC’s bible to roll joints.

He stayed with me, we had sex and then one day his laptop is on the counter scrolling through his photos, every few seconds a new photo would flash up on the screen and then a photo of him flashed up. It was of him sitting on the edge of the bed with no shirt on and in the foreground are the naked knees of whoever took the picture. I felt like being sick. He had red marks all over his back when he came home that he said he got from being attacked by bees while making roads in Sudan, in the picture he had the same red marks; so obviously he had seen this woman just before he came home. He denied anything and everything, A few days earlier I had seen a picture in his truck of a very young black girl with a sweet round face and innocent smile, she looked to be about 16 maybe, I asked about her and he said she was the daughter of one of the farmers. His mother kept saying he had to go back to Sudan and I asked why she would want him to go back, if he got malaria again it could kill him and she didn’t answer me.

As time went by every few weeks I would get a little more information. This is the story I eventually pieced together. She had been with the benefactor guy and a few other people who were all traveling together and the benefactor had gotten jealous of JC and this woman, Bridget; getting along and he had left her stuck there. JC said everyone left except her and him so he had gotten a hotel, what else could he do? He said they had sex one time and then she refused to have sex again because she is Christian and it is wrong to have sex and not be married. Right away I thought, “She is seeing you as her ticket out of Africa.” I said, “So she was a virgin?” He said no. I asked, “Did you use protection.” He refused to answer. He said that he couldn’t leave her there alone; she told him that the old guy was always asking passes at her and she was afraid of him. JC said they went to the pastor there to see what they thought of the two of them traveling together because he wanted to take her back to the farm with him; they told him they should be married. So he proposed and had two rings made, hers with his name on it and his ring with her name on it. He said they traveled together for a while and then she went back to the benefactor because he had apologized. JC’s story got rather confusing, but I gather he did a lot of traveling without any security and was building roads not fixing machinery. He told me the farmer in charge of the coop farm told a bunch of lies about him and he had to literally flee the country, laying in the back of a jeep. He said he didn’t have time to see Bridget before he left and went straight to the airport.
I didn’t believe him
He kept saying that if I knew the truth I wouldn’t be upset but he wasn’t telling me the “truth” I told him it was over, I couldn’t handle any more lies and I wanted him gone. He left and then that night I was woken up by the sound of his truck running in my driveway. I ignored it and even fell back to sleep for a bit and then woke up an hour later and he was still out there with his truck running. I went out to tell him to go away but when I saw him I knew he was really sick. He was shivering and sweat was pouring off of him. He said he was having a Malaria attack. I took him inside and put him in my bed and for the next 2 days nursed him. He was sweating so bad he soaked through the mattress cover by morning, so I changed the bedding and tried to get him out of bed to take him to the hospital but he refused, he had a wrist band on from the hospital and he said they didn’t do anything and just kicked him out. He was delirious, so I stayed with him for two days until the fever broke. I was devastated. Here I had to nurse him, fearing he might die and all the while knowing he had been with another woman. I called his Sechelt mom and her begged her to please come and get him but she wouldn’t so I was stuck with him. I was still so in love with him and having to nurse him, fearing he might die I thought I would explode from the intense pain I felt.

When he came out of the fever he was weak and I let him stay for a couple of days but told him he had to go as soon as he was able. Well he didn’t leave and I ended up paying him to do a few jobs with me and after a while we started to get romantic again, he was doing nice things for me, we were getting along really well, like old times and slid back into a relationship until I checked his emails and text messages and found out he was back in the personal ads and he had been writing and texting Bridget saying he loved her and was planning on bringing her to Canada AND that he had tried to go back to me but the feelings just weren’t there any more. His Edmonton mom was communicating with her, so she must have known all about this and never said a word to me about it knowing how much I loved JC. I said as much to JC and he said his mother and Bridget only talked about scriptures. I talked to his mom about Bridget and she told me not to worry, that it had only been a one night thing and Bridget wasn’t thinking JC was going to marry her, but the emails between him and her were very loving and most definitely talked about their future together. You can’t tell me that a girl in Uganda is thinking a man is bringing her to Canada and she is talking to his mother and doesn’t say anything about it. I was very confused. His mother was very insistent that he come to Edmonton and meet with CB and “straighten things out”, so JC finally conceded and flew to Edmonton where he was to meet with CB and go the Centre for Infectious Diseases. I was rather surprised he even came back from Edmonton because I made it clear it was over. I have no idea what the meeting was about, his mother, CB, his mother’s pastor and JC were there. JC told me it was because he informed CB that the guy running the farms was ripping the charity off and all the funds were going into his own farm. JC told me that the guy running the farming coop had been telling lies about him saying he was ripping off the charity. He said he got a cheque for $10,000 for his tools he said got stolen. I knew JC was hiding something but also knew that he would just tell me more lies and anyway and I just wanted him to go away.

I would make him leave at the same time I did when I went to work and when I got home he’d be sitting in the driveway waiting for me. He tried to be nice and loving but I was determined it was over, when I found his text to her saying I love you I miss you, will try to call later. Later when he told me he loved me I brought up the text he had sent and called him a liar. He denied that he was lying and I said, “Well you’re lying to some one, me or Bridget, which one is it?” He had said, “You don’t know the things she says, it’s hard to stop talking to her.” I read one of her letters and I can see why he was hooked because she was so phony. “Oh my love, I miss you so, I walked for an hour to get to a computer to send you a message. I don’t have long because I have to go back to the orphanage and care for the poor orphans. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing you are coming back to get me my love.” He eventually admitted he had gone to her place before he left and given her his guitar and tools to keep for him or sell if she needed to, a few days after he left the police showed up at her door and demanded everything of JC’s that she had. So obviously, everyone knew they were a couple.

I didn’t allow him to move in with me, but as was his typical m.o. he edged his way in and was using my garage to store some stuff, and basically living out of his truck. It was hard to tell but it seemed to me he wasn’t short any tools for someone who had shipped all of his to Sudan, I asked him about it and he hadn’t given me an answer other than, “You know me, I always have more tools than I need.”

He got a job in Red Deer Alberta, left without saying good bye and sent on email saying he thought it was better to end it this way., After he left I went into the history on my computer and found out he’d been in Ashley Madison, POF, Fling and other dating sites, just for the hell of it I tried going into his POF through History and to my amazement it let me into his account. I went into his Favorites and he was telling about 10 women exactly the same thing; that he had a “gut feeling” that they were going to have something special and he always follows his gut feelings. So I sent them all each other’s emails and the ones that seemed the most serious I sent a personal message. A few months after he left I was contacted by a nonprofit company that arranges shipping for containers going to third world country with donations; he asked me if I could remove a big tank from one of their containers. Turns out it was a container going to Sudan, and the person (JC) who loaded it had put this tank in there and it still had about a foot of oily sludge in it. JC knows damn well it would get refused he has been in transportation ½ his life and it is against all environmental and security regulations to ship anything with liquids in it. When they opened the doors to the container I was shocked, it was all but empty, there was nothing of value in it; maybe a couple thousand worth of stuff certainly not $14,000 worth. I heard from a reliable source that he had total access to the container and he must have cleaned it out before he left, knowing it would never get shipped and he would just think of some lie when it didn’t arrive in Sudan.

I moved into the trailer that my parents had offered to finance for me so I would have security and started to accept dates and life was good until the economy tanked and my folks said they were selling the trailer. Two weeks after they told me I had to get out of the trailer JC called saying he had been given 6 months to live, that was December 2008. He was crying, oh how he loved me etc etc. he promised total fidelity, I was all the woman he would ever need yada yada yada……..

He had just bought a semi and was doing long haul from Alberta to BC and came out full of promises and commitments, crying and literally begging for another 2nd chance. He dedicated that song, “Say what you need to say” to me and promised no more lying, even if he thought I’d be angry he would tell me the truth. I said that is all I can ask. I told him all communication with Bridget had to stop and the personal ads had to stop and he agreed. He even went so far as to say he knew it had been wrong of him and we agreed to leave the past behind and start new, I agreed to never bring up the past again as long as he didn’t repeat the past. We also agreed that he wouldn’t be expected to maintain my work truck and I would pay for my own repairs but if that was the case then he was not to drive my truck either. I had been maintaining my truck fine while he was gone, business was picking up because I had been written up in the Province Newspaper Financial Section.

He was VERY sincere and even apologized to my son who believed him and made a real effort to show he forgave him. Anyway this is where this whole blog started and you pretty well know the rest of the story except the parts I didn’t know. A few months after we got back together and I was out of the trailer and dependent on JC I discovered he was still writing Bridget, I was very angry and asked him what the hell he wanted, did he love this young woman, and he said, “No he didn’t.” I said, “Then why are you telling her you love her and are bringing her to Canada?” He said, “Do you know the kind of life she leads? I was brightening her day.” I can’t believe I tried to explain to him that he was leading her on and preventing her from meeting some man that would get her out of Africa. I couldn’t believe he didn’t see that all he was to her was a ticket out of hell. She is a 21 year old woman in Uganda who apparently volunteers at an orphanage and has no money whatsoever but she can afford to have photos professionally taken? She has them plastered all over the internet and in Facebook, High 5 and other social media sites and the only friends she has are men from foreign countries. I asked him if he didn’t realize that by having unprotected sex with her he took the chance of ruining her life perhaps even endangering her life because I am sure women having sex with white men is not highly thought of there. He just gave me the blank stare.

I still had a gnawing in my stomach that I hadn’t gotten the full story but have told myself it didn’t matter he was out of my life now, but when I get a “feeling” I am seldom wrong and tend to get a bit obsessed until I get to the truth. I am still in the dark on a few things but here are the facts as I now know them after the info I got 2 weeks ago.

The young girl in the photo is the daughter of the Sudanese farmer who is running one of the farming coop, JC got the young girl pregnant (probably the first time he was there) and then came back boasting Bridget on his arm and a ring on his finger. He was run out of there and CB the head of the charitable organization cut him off any more money and left him to rot in Africa. JC called his mother in a panic and she in turn called CB and begged him to fly her son home; which he eventually did; but he didn’t make it easy and didn’t supply an escort. JC had to make it to the office, get his money and get to the airport on his own which I gather was a bit scary because he had the bad guys (Lord’s Resistance Army) and the good guys (the Sudanese people) and the Sudanese police gunning for him. He ended up at Bridget’s and left some of his things with her and promised he’d be back for her and got on a plane home. A couple of days later the father of the young girl and the police were at her door looking for him and took anything he left with her.

I am assuming CB was beside himself, he is highly regarded in the Christian community and his charity is very well known, for years he has tried to help the people of Sudan and he has very wealthy followers that make it all possible. If word got out that one of his volunteers impregnated a young girl (child) his whole charity could be destroyed along with his own reputation and other ventures.

I am also guessing that the meeting had to do with this young woman and I think JC promised he would go back and do the right thing but needed money to replace his tools so he could work. That is why his mother was so adamant that he had to go back. It answers the question of why he would lie about having Malaria and was dying; it gave him a plausible excuse for not going back. I had gotten suspicious about the Malaria because he had said he went to the center for infectious diseases in Edmonton and that is who told him he had 6 months to live. Every time he had an attack out here he had a hard time getting proper medication and they had to do blood tests etc. I had said to him, why don’t you get your medical records sent out here so we don’t have to go through this every time? He had said he would but never did, also he never talked about it after the first time he told me. Someone who has been given 6 months to live would tell people, would want to talk about it you would think. I had said once to him that he didn’t seem to be very concerned about being told he had 6 months to live; (I on the other hand was researching Malaria and looking for cures, naturopathic remedies etc and he didn’t seem the least bit concerned) his reply was that he had been told before he wasn’t going to live and had survived, if it was his time it was his time and there was nothing he could do about it. When he got with “M” she made him go for a complete physical because she had just lost her husband to cancer. (I guess if JC would have been sick she would have dumped him? now that’s love for ya) anyway as miracles do happen JC got a perfect bill of health, even his high blood pressure problems were gone, no signs of malaria. (See she is an amazing woman, she even healed him) I also found it strange that he put his volunteer work down on his resume and every dating profile he had but he never mentioned the name of the charity and when I did up a flyer and mentioned I had donated to the charity he made me take the name of the charity out, now I know why. The charity has a monthly newsletter online and JC had been mentioned numerous times in glowing terms and then when I went back a few months later to see if him leaving was mentioned any reference to him had been removed and CB had put, “Beware of smiling faces.”

Since I found out about the young girl 2 weeks ago I have been filled with such anger, disbelief, horror, distain, sadness, …….. Such a flood of different emotions I can hardly breath some time
When I found out about Bridget I had said to JC that there were so many things wrong about what he did I couldn’t even begin to explain, now, …….now knowing what I know …………… I want to pound on him and scream at him, “What gave you the F’n right? You bottom feeding, scum of the earth, asshole, who the F do you think you are, ruining people’s lives without a second thought and just keep using women.” But I know it would have no impact on him except if “M’ was there and then it would only be a concern that he was going to lose his gravy train and he would just call me a psycho bitch anyway. I want to write his mother, his Christian mother who reassured me there was nothing between him and Bridget and didn’t think I had a right to know he had impregnated a young girl in Africa and she was encouraging him to go back and “do the right thing” did she not think that it was the “right thing” to tell me!! That maybe I shouldn’t believe that he loved me and wanted to marry me and that maybe me moving to Sask with him wasn’t in my best interest. Did she not think that saving a woman from financial and emotional ruin was more important than keeping her son’s dirty little secrets? Is God going to forgive her for her lies? No wonder when, after 10 years of her and I talking on the phone and emailing, we finally met face to face she could barely look me in the eye. I told myself she was shy, I blamed myself, maybe she didn’t like me after all, I thought maybe she wanted JC to be with Bridget, I knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it and now I know it was because she was lying to me and it was a lot easier on the phone than in person. I try to not be too angry with her, I know she was trying to protect her son and thinking she was doing the right thing, and I don’t want to judge her or be “holier than thou” But damnit, if it was my son stringing a woman along and I knew she was deeply in love with him I would tell her the truth, I would make y son tell the truth, I would not be an accomplice. I know too though that he has manipulated her for almost 50 years and I feel sorry for her. See? Such a cacophony of emotions.
There are so many things so wrong about this story it boggles my mind, only a truly sick individual would not have known what he was doing was wrong, let me break it down for you;
He went as a volunteer/missionary representing a world renown Christian Organization (he had used his father’s good name to get the position because his father had thought very highly of CB and sent a lot of money to the charity over the years and he received Christmas cards etc from CB’s organization) and with no regard for the reputation of the charity or the head of the organization or the well being of the girl has sex with a teenage girl.
He abused the trust being associated with the organization automatically gave him.
He stole from the charity
I donated ½ a container of farm implements because I had done a couple of farm cleanups right at the time he was loading his containers. I gave rakes, shovels, hoes, scythes, etc that I found out later he billed them for.
He pressured them for a wage after getting there as a volunteer and then blackmailed them into giving him more money.
He got a young girl pregnant and deserted her, basically sentencing her to a life of poverty and ruining her chances of ever even having a Sudanese husband because she has an illegitimate ½ white baby, and no man from another country will want her and her baby, so she has two options, keep the baby and they both suffer in poverty for the rest of their lives or put the baby in an over crowded, under-funded orphanage and try to hide the fact that she even had a baby. The same orphanage I donated crates of clothes and toys to because JC told me how destitute they were.
He lied to and strung along another young lady and had sex with her also and continued to lie to her about bringing her to Canada for 3 years, count them, three years!! Who knows maybe he is still lying to her. Son-of-a-bitch, bottom feeder.
It just so happens that a new fellow started at Amix a couple of months ago and he works the gate, he is a very nice young man from Uganda. Thoughts about what would happen to this young girl plagued me for days, would she be stoned even? I don’t know what repercussions there are for an unwed mother in these countries, so I asked if I could talk to him for a minute and I told him briefly what JC had done and asked what would happen to the girl. He told me that people are either rich or dirty poor there, especially in Sudan and that a lot of the young girls have sex with the men from other countries in hopes the men will fall in love with them and take them out of Africa. He said that any man from another country has women coming onto him from every direction but he said most men realize what is going on and stay clear, he personally had never heard of a 40 something white man getting a girl pregnant, they are usually smarter than that. He said NO ONE with any sense has unprotected sex in Africa.
He said that if the man doesn’t claim the child as his then having that child has sealed the girl’s fate and she will live the rest of her days in poverty in Sudan and hopefully the LRA won’t kill her because she is a Christian, if she was Muslim then she could be stoned for having sex and not being married.
So that is what has been on my mind lately. I have fought the urge to write his mother telling her how disappointed I am in her and the damage being with JC and her collaborating his lies has done to so many women and now she is standing by while he bleeds a widow of the inheritance her loving husband provided for her.
In my mind if you see a crime or injustice being done and you do nothing to stop it you are as guilty as the person doing the deed. What do you think? If it was your son or daughter doing something so wrong would you lie for them? would you let more people be hurt by them?

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How Do I Move On After The Narcissist?

I said to my ex once, “I bet you really wonder about yourself”

Him: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well all your ex’s are psycho bitches.”

Him: “Yeah so, what’s your point?”

Me: “I was just thinking that either you pick psycho bitches or you turn women into psycho bitches, either way you have a real problem.”

So many people end up at my site because they enter search terms such as “My ex N is so happy with his new g/f”, “does an N change for the new woman?”, or “Why can’t I get over my ex N?”, “why does my ex keep hurting me?”

First of all let’s talk about the new girlfriend. She is no better, no worse and no different than any of the other women he has ever been with (including you). We (me included) all like to think we had something special with him, even if we know he is a narcissist and he treated us like crap we like to believe we were some how more special than the others, that he will miss us, how much we loved him and at some point he will realize how much we gave up for him and love us for it.

It hurts like hell to see him looking so happy with another woman, saying that this time he has found the perfect woman and he is a changed man because of her perfect love. You can’t help but have doubts and there’s a little voice inside saying, “It was you that drove him to treat you the way he did; there’s the proof, look at how happy he is and how well he treats her; it must have been you driving him to be abusive”.

Give me a serious break!!! I am 54 years old and didn’t just fall off the pumpkin wagon (or whatever that saying is, turnip truck?) that’s exactly what he wants you and everyone else to think.

Let’s review some facts;

If it was your fault, a healthy man would have left the relationship a long time ago; not kept begging you to take him back promising he’ll change, he wouldn’t stay with you and try to destroy you; he would just leave, period.

Think back to when you started dating him; he treated you like a princess, YOU were special and YOUR special love was so much better than any of his psycho ex’s. He could talk to YOU, he wanted to spend all his time with you, he was your soul mate; remember? You couldn’t believe your good fortune, you told your friends that you had finally met the man of your dreams; he was everything and more than you ever wanted in a love partner.

This is history repeating itself, they just haven’t gotten to the devaluing and discard stage yet that’s all. If he had treated you in the beginning like he treated you in the end we wouldn’t even be having this conversation because you would have dumped his ass after the 2nd date and he wouldn’t be a narcissist he’d be a run of the mill asshole.

Of course he is treating her well; how else can he hook her into believing he’s worth sticking around for?

Of course he is giving her all the things you wanted. This just proves he knew all along what would make you happy and he chose to not give it to you because he is mean like that and now he is rubbing your nose in it. Why? Because he is a nasty, mean, vindictive bottom feeder that gets his kicks from hurting women; that’s why.

Remember how he usually treated you badly behind closed doors, and how when you were out you were so damned happy he was treating you decently you looked happy just like she does. He’s probably told her how you never appreciated how well he treated you and she is going to go out of her way to show how much she appreciates him when he treats her well because she isn’t going to make the same mistake. Think back, what would happen after that great night? He’d usually do something mean or pick a fight and treat you worse than ever for a few days to make up for the good treatment out in public. I know with JC I grew to dread the times he loved with me because it meant there were going to be some really bad times just around the corner. SO IS SHE!!! But he sure isn’t going to let you see that. There is no way he is going to let his true colours show and prove that you are right, he IS an asshole.
He has an image to uphold.

I will bet you dollars to donuts that prior to dumping you he was building his case for leaving you and getting every ounce of sympathy he could by telling everyone who would listen how horribly you treated him, how tough it was for him, how you were impossible to please, and he was doing all the work in the relationship. He was also getting everyone on his side so that if you went to them and told them what really went on they would already know that you were a lying psycho bitch that can’t be trusted. He HAS to appear happy with this new woman in order to prove his point.

He is hoping to drive you over the edge and you will do something in anger and then he can point at you and say, “See? I told you, she’s a psycho bitch!!”

He wants you to be miserable without him, his ego needs it, and if he can keep you crying over him then he knows he is still pushing your buttons and pulling your strings. He is getting a reaction and that is narcissistic supply for him.

It’s about control, he may not want you any more but he is like a 3 year old child who doesn’t want a certain toy any more until some other child picks it up and starts playing with it. Once you have dated him you are his possession whether he wants you or not; no one else is allowed to play with you. If he can keep you crying over him, wondering what he is doing, and obsessing over him then there isn’t much chance you are going to get hooked up with some other guy.

He will keep doing things to hurt you until he stops getting a payoff from it. As long as he can make you angry, cry or react in some way he will keep doing it or until he gets bored or finds another victim for secondary supply. One woman is never enough for a narcissist for long; he has to have a second supply or more; either women he is casually pursuing or ex’s he keeps on the hook, or personal ads on the internet that he might not even meet but he leads on until they get sick of not meeting and move along.

A narcissist is NEVER what he appears to be, his whole life is a game of strategy, he does not love, he does not even hate, everyone is a pawn in his game, every one is disposable, and everything he does is part of his game to win. Win what? Narcissistic supply, admiration, adoration, love, money, things, respect, jealousy, prestige whatever he values and that includes your possessions, friends, family, your home, heart and soul and if he can’t have them or he has taken all you have, he will destroy you for running out or not giving him more. When he leaves he wants to make sure you have nothing left or he will come back to get it later. For him every move he makes is part of his strategy. Like a game of chess, he is always planning his next move, and trying to anticipate everyone else’s moves ahead of time. That’s why he used to lie about things he didn’t have to lie about because life is a lie, a game, and everyone who knows him is a player in the fantasy life he envisions for himself. He envisions all women adoring him and pining away for him, just waiting for him to grace them with his presence. He’s a rock star in his own mind and we are all his groupies.

Everyone is a potential enemy, his life is so orchestrated and built on lies and deceit it is balanced very precariously. A narcissist hates being alone, that doesn’t mean once he has the woman dependent enough on him he won’t leave her home all alone; he needs to know there is a woman at home waiting for him, worrying that he is with some other woman. He feeds off of the woman’s insecurities, insecurities HE instilled in her through subtle or blatant manipulation and innuendo. He lives in constant fear of it all crumbling and all it takes is for one person to blow his cover and who knows him better than you? He has to keep you doubting yourself, weak and unstable so you are easily discredited. His best defense right now is that you are so devastated by him leaving you that you would say anything to tarnish his good reputation and ruin his new relationship, or make him lose his job and destroy his life.

You just want to wipe that smug look off her face for her don’t you?

Of course she is smug right now; he keeps telling her that she is perfect for him. He loves her just the way she is and how he thought he was in love before but now he knows what REAL love is. He is telling her that she isn’t like you or his other ex’s, she doesn’t cause conflict and pick fights with him. He’s probably told her that you think it won’t last between them and she’s going to show you!

All she has seen so far is this wonderfully even tempered guy that never gets angry, treats her like a queen and can’t get enough of her and all she’s heard is that you falsely accused him of cheating, you were demanding, constantly badgered him for more money, bled him dry in fact, you were like a bottomless pit that he couldn’t fill and now you are trying to ruin his life. He has probably even told her that he is afraid she is going to believe your lies about him and leave him and then you will have destroyed his life.

He has told her that he was unhappy for a long time but you kept begging him to stay but finally he just could not take the constant fighting and even though he hated to hurt you; he’s such a sensitive guy (she has even seen him cry about it) he had to leave. He’s probably even reminisced about all the wonderful things he did for you that you never appreciated. She is thinking she is so much better than you and she got what you abused and lost and she isn’t going to let this great guy slip through HER fingers.

You can bet money that he is telling her all those nasty things he did to you; you actually did to him and she is feeling very protective of him; what kinda of bitch would hurt this wonderful soft hearted man. She is probably thinking “If I ever get the chance to meet this psycho bitch I am going to tell her exactly what I think of the way she treated my sweetie.”

Plus, women are nasty and competitive creatures anyway, in general they love to know they are better than other women and the majority of them will walk right over a woman in her stilettos to get the man.

Some day soon she is going to have lights, bells and whistles going off in her head when all of a sudden he is doing to her what he said you did to him, or she’ll catch him cheating and he’ll deny it, or as in my ex and my case. When we were dating he told me it had been over a long time before he moved out, they hadn’t slept together for months. I thought well, what woman wouldn’t know it was over if the guy isn’t coming to bed, she must have been brain dead. THEN, after awhile he started coming to bed later and later, it was really upsetting to me, he kept telling me I was over reacting, that he loved me, eventually he stopped coming to bed but he still kept telling me he loved me and made excuses for not coming to bed. I figured it was over but he kept denying it and saying it was my nagging that made him not want to come to bed, or that he was working on my truck and I wasn’t appreciative of his efforts. Then I remembered our conversation from years ago and knew why she didn’t know it was over.

At some point in the not to distant future the puzzle pieces aren’t going to fit, there will be pieces missing, and or maybe even some pieces for a totally different puzzle will appear and her ride on the emotional roller coaster will begin.

Let’s for the sake of argument figure out what he would have to do to truly change; do you think it is possible for a man who has abused women his whole life to just stop? Without counseling, without admitting he has a problem, without blaming someone else? Just because he met a new woman? Sorry it just does not happen.

So maybe for the sake of argument he stops hitting women.

Now he has to give up controlling the woman, he has to be faithful for the first time in his life. Ok let’s give him that one for the fun of it.

It is a lot harder to give up being a pathological liar. Is it possible?

Then there is the total disregard for the feelings of others. Can a person grow a conscience at 40 yrs old. This isn’t the yellow brick road and unless his new woman is Dorothy I am pretty sure there is no where you can get a conscience from a wizard.

His addiction to porn, personal ads, and kinky sex; now that stuff you can usually curb for a while and then it is pretty easy to hide if you are careful; but quit completely without a support group or therapy?? Not bloody likely.

And isn’t atonement for previous sins part of recovery for people with these sort of issues?

I am sorry, but I am just not convinced he can change; just like THAT, or at all.

b>Why Can’t I Get Over Him and Move On With My Life?

For one thing he gave you everything a person ever dreams of in a partner, total unconditional love (or so it seemed), but not only did he give you love he made you want to love him back, he started a slow and insidious mission to make you dependent on him; for everything. Being totally dependent on someone is unhealthy enough but he doesn’t do it so he can treat you well and care for you, provide for you and love you.

No; he makes you dependent on him so he can abuse you and you feel you must take it because you are helpless to leave. THAT is the utmost in evil and abusive. To strip a person of everything they hold dear, everything that holds a fond memory from the past, their friends and family, their security; like their job and home, their self esteem, and then when you are a shell of the person you used to be; discard you like yesterdays garbage.

THEN come back and do it again. Just like a hunter will put another bullet in the head of the game he shot to make sure the job is done so does the narcissist come back to give you one final blow just in case you had any strength left to get back up he has to make sure you know how much he loathes you.

Wow!! Can a person get more evil? How do you accept that a man you loved with all your heart is that cruel and cold hearted, how could you have been so wrong about him? How could you love someone that void of compassion and caring? It leaves you reeling, unable to cope with the reality, your mind not wanting accept what you are now fully comprehending. You have to relive the whole relationship, each hurt, every pain that you buried because it was just too much to bare at the time, it is a lot of painful work and you see him off happy with a new woman in total denial he ever did anything abusive. As if that isn’t bad enough, the people you thought would be supportive, society in general revictimizes you with they lack of empathy and understanding. More than likely he has left you penniless, jobless and in poor health mentally and physically. It is only natural that you would want him back, not the mean nasty guy; but the one you met, the one you see now with the new woman. If you had him back you wouldn’t have to face all the ugliness of your time with him, your mind and heart wouldn’t have to accept reality and you wouldn’t have to try to put your life (which he left in a shambles) back together.

PLUS it is a proven fact, research has been done on it and every web site and book ever written on “how to seduce a woman” will tell you that the fastest way to hook a woman is to keep her guessing, off balance, push her away and pull her back; that sort of thing. It’s natural to want what you can’t have, no one likes to be rejected and the narcissist has perfected rejection. He has pulled you in and then rejected you so many times you thought he would never really leave but he did this time and in the most cruel way possible. He will continue to hurt you as long as you leave any opening for him to do so that is why no contact is so important.

Even if you don’t want him back; you want him to tell you why he treated you so badly, what did you do so wrong to deserve to be rejected so cruelly? If he would just tell you that you are a good person maybe you could move on. You will never get it from him, if he does apologize and admit he was cruel he will do it in such a way you will end up hurt again. If he says he wants to be friends or help you he has an ulterior motive and you can bet it will involve you getting used and hurt again. Continued contact keeps you on the roller coaster ride of rejection.

I have never done heroin but from talking to people who have I have learned that they keep using in a futile attempt to experience a high like that first high. It is never as good as the first time but they keep trying; the Chinese call it “chasing the dragon”. When you stay in contact with a narcissist you are “chasing the dragon” and you will never get what you are looking for.

It is as if you have been possessed by some evil entity, all the joy has been taken from your world, like they left a black cloud behind and you will never see the light of day again. The cloud will dissipate the longer they are out of your life. They made themselves such a huge part of your life you are now left with an emptiness you are desperate to fill. With their lies, infidelity, control, erratic behavior, moodiness and love/hate treatment they made it so all you could think about was them. What did they mean by that, where are they, who are they with, are they lying, will they ruin your birthday, will they destroy something you cherish, will they be nice when they get home, will they come home, will they call when they said they will?

Every second of every day has been filled with thoughts of them and now they are gone and what fills that time? More thoughts of them and the new woman, what are they doing, is he treating her better than he treated you, is he missing you, etc. I don’t know how you stop thinking about them, because it’s been a year and ½ and I still find my mind drifting to thoughts of him and how do you stop that without thinking of him. It’s kind of a vicious cycle.

So what I have done is changed the scenario in my head, if I can’t stop thinking about him I CAN change what I choose to think about. Instead of envisioning him treating her so well and giving her everything I wanted I envision the way he used to treat me only it isn’t me in the picture any more, it is her being treated so badly, it is her sitting at home wondering if he’s going to show up, it’s her calling him and he isn’t answering the phone. More than likely that is closer to what is really happening than the scene playing in your head that she is so damn happy.

Besides, you must have heard about the power of thought; that what you think becomes reality? You certainly don’t want him to treat her well so stop thinking it!!! The more you envision her getting the horrible treatment you used to receive from him the less you will hate her and the happier you will be that you are out of the picture and she is in it. You have to stop making it about you, because it really has nothing to do with you or her for that matter; it’s all about him.

I know there is a feeling that you “wasted” all that time you were with him; time is never wasted as long as you learn something in the process and as long as you don’t waste any more time obsessing about it. like the saying goes, “Throwing good money after bad” well this is “Throwing good time after wasted time” you didn’t know better before but now you do, learn from it and stop wasting your precious life on that asshole.

You are strong, look at what you went through and you are still here. It is time to nurture yourself, take a course, read a self help book, volunteer at a dog shelter or a soup kitchen, seniors home, work on a crisis line, do something good to help others and you will feel better about yourself in the process; win/win instead of lose/lose.

I make sure I look my best every time I leave the house just in case I do run into him/them; I want to look like I am doing just fine without him. I do not seek him out or try to be where he might be but if I do see him I don’t say anything nasty but I don’t chit chat either, I will not give him the satisfaction of crying or being happy to see him. I will not prove to her his claims that I am an angry bitch by attacking him verbally or seeking revenge.

My time and my soul are much too valuable to waste any more of me on him. He is a sick individual who I can not cure and who was toxic in my life; I choose to surround myself with people who appreciate me for who I am and who are not out to destroy the goodness in me or my life.

Now repeat after me:

I am a good person who deserves to be happy.

He is a sick evil person who I can not help and is toxic in my life.

I will not waste any more of my precious time on him or let him poison my life any longer.

I choose to be happy and surround myself with positive people who enhance my life not seek to destroy it.

By not allowing evil into my life I am creating room for the goodness to enter.

And it will!!!

Remember, you are not alone, this was not your fault and it is never too late to improve your life.

I have faith in you!

* IF anyone knows of a narcissist who has changed over the long term I would be very interested in hearing about it. Personally I have never heard of it happening.

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