The Letter

The Letter Lou (Talesfromthelou) expressed a concern about whether JC knows about my blog or not. I don’t know if he knows about it or if he has read it. I think if he had he would have been more specific in his letter, he usually throws vagueness around in hopes of covering all angles, … Continue reading The Letter


The Internet and the Narcissist

Like I said in a previous post that you can read here, I had quite an addiction to the internet for a period of time after my marriage broke up. So I understand the attraction of the internet and how it can take over your life. I also know that no healthy person in … Continue reading The Internet and the Narcissist

You Can’t Be First But You Could Be Next

This was the photo jc used on Facebook while we were still supposedly in a committed relationshipYou Can’t Be First But You Can Be Next I thought it was a rather witty “catch” line for a personal ad, too bad it was an ad JC had placed on “Fling” looking for sex, and possibly a … Continue reading You Can’t Be First But You Could Be Next