A Beautiful Day In Paradise

Is it any wonder I don't want to leave? Who could possibly be depressed when they look out their back door and see this? I keep praying for some miracle that allows me to stay. As much as I say God has a plan and I can accept whatever happens the thought of leaving here … Continue reading A Beautiful Day In Paradise


When God Lets You Down

I've been talking about answered prayers lately and tiny miracles that happen every day and some bigger miracles I have witnessed, but what about when God doesn't answer your prayers or not the way you wanted him to answer? My faith continued to grow stronger, JC went through phases, he would be one way with … Continue reading When God Lets You Down

The Power of Prayer

When my son went into rehab at Union Gospel Mission on Cordova in the downtown east side of Vancouver he joined a church called Coastal Church where he was taken under the congregation's protective wings. He found himself and God. He was baptized in English Bay one year and I was baptized a year later with … Continue reading The Power of Prayer

ReCreations – Platter

My whole life I wanted to be able to paint but try as I might I could not transfer what I saw with my eyes onto a piece of paper with paints. Everything came out looking like a one dimensional blob. I was artistic in other ways but I considered myself to be more "crafty" … Continue reading ReCreations – Platter