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Playing CatchUp and Workshop Update

Well, there sure was a whirlwind of activity around here for a couple of days!! I am still trying to clear out my Inbox and reply to all the comments. As always happens when you get a sudden explosion of hits on your blog, now my expectations are raised and anything less than 5000 hits is a disappointment. I will adjust back down like I always do. I remember the first time I had a jump like that, I had something like 750 hits in one day, I soon discovered James had found my blog and had spent a whole day reading my blog and he was responsible for about 700 of the hits. LOL

Another time it was something I had reblogged so I really couldn’t get too excited about it but I did get s few more followers out of it and that is always going to increase readership. This time though it was on my own merits which is especially rewarding. I mean there are blogs getting thousands of hits a day on a regular basis, this is just my personal best and that is what I strive for anyway. I am not a competitive person, not with other people. For me, even when I was weight training, or mowing the lawn, I always challenge myself to do better than last time. mow the lawn faster, lift more weight than the last time, I always want to do better, beat my personal best, so every time I raise the bar I try harder to beat myself, I am never good enough in my own mind. I am not sure if that is a good thing, I put a lot of pressure on myself that way.

Anyway, things have slowed down to a manageable pace again and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed. The workshop I keep speaking about, Finding Inner peace and setting healthy boundaries without being plagued with guilt is going to start a week later than planned because of the last few days sidetracking me.  So there is still time to sign up if you are interested.

To join the workshop you just have to use the Donate button and in the explanation put “workshop”, the cost is $30 per month. If you find you only need one month that is all you pay for but if you find it helpful you can sign up for month two. You will receive a weekly email with exercises to work on to increase your self awareness and deal with that tiny voice that keeps telling you that your are not enough, I will walk you step by step through the process I took to reach inner peace no matter what is going on in my life.  I will have a separate passworded forum where I will be live for 2 hours a day to answer questions and where everyone taking the workshop can support each other; which will only be accessible to those people who signed up for the workshop.

I will do up a separate post with more details but you can sign up now if you are so inclined.

I am excited about my upcoming book. I have decided to do a 3 part series of books.

The first one is titled “No Reim’er Reason” and will be a short recap of my story and excerpts from Lady With a Truck, my best posts and answering real questions and the answers I have given on here and Quora.  questions like, “How do I make the narcissist love me?”, “How to I make the narcissist pay for what he has done?” “What is a narcissist?” “Does the narcissist ever apologize?” and many many more.

The second book will be “Reim’er Reason” and that one will be more focused on healing after the narcissist and what victims can do to stay no contact, stop obsessing about the narcissist, stay safe after leaving the narcissist, inner self reflection and steps to take to become healthy and never get sucked in by one again.

And the last will be “More Reim’er Reason” and that will be wrapping it all up with a nice little bow. I am not sure what all it will contain, I was thinking maybe success stories of people who survived and are leading happy lives and their journey of healing and anything I missed in the first two books. Who knows what I will have to share by that time, life is one big lesson and everyday I learn something new.

I am working on some ideas and trying to partner with one of my favorite life coaches about developing a program but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, it is all very new and just in the conception stage.

Aside from that, I was busy cleaning for my step brother yesterday; every time anyone in my family moves they hire me to clean their old place, which I really appreciate. I gives me some cash. I got home and was dead tired, went to bed early and was woken up by something walking on the roof of my stateroom, something with claws that clicked on the fiberglass. I did a mental inventory of what windows were open and was briefly relieved that I had closed all the windows because it has been raining lately. Then I heard “it” right at a long narrow window I always leave open for cross ventilation, it is big enough for a rat to slide through.

I banged on the ceiling, all the while trying to wake Stella up, I am “Stella, stella, wake up, stella” and poking and prodding her to no avail. Then there was a loud thud! loud enough that it woke Stella up and she jumped to the foot of the bed and sniffed the air. I said, “Go check Stella, go! what’s out there?” She took one look at me and hid her face in my armpit, pushed her body tight up against mine and went back to sleep.


I stared at the bedroom door until I finally dozed off and woke up a few hours later to pelting rain and darkness. I thought I could hear something chewing but it was impossible to know for sure with the rain so loud on the roof. Finally it got light outside and Stella ventured out of the bedroom only to come right back and hide in my armpit again. I climbed out and got my phone, laptop and shoes and coat. (just in case I had to make a run for it) and fell back to sleep. About 9 the rain stopped and my neighbor was out putting tarps on his boat so I went out and mentioned I wasn’t sure if a rat got in the boat or not. The dog food had not been touched which indicated to me there was no rat. He agreed, whew!! he came in and checked out the muddy little foot prints along the open window and agreed with me again that it looked like a raccoon had been reaching in through the window.

I still have yet to venture into the V berth and have just been doing my emails etc.

I wanted to get this post off because we have no power, the winds are unreal and the boats are tossing to and fro, I don’t know when I will have power again so if I have not replied to a comment you have made, bare with me. I am having technical difficulties and the blog will resume asap.

have a great day!! The saga of my life continues!!

Rodent and Pest Control

pest control


I came home last night about 9 with Stella and she immediately started sniffing around the couch and trying to look underneath it. It always freaks me out when she does that but every time I have gone and checked there is always a bone she has shoved under something and now can’t reach, so I assumed that was the case again.

She jumped up in her usual spot on the couch and was hanging her head over the side trying to see under the couch and I sat down beside her and started checking my email. Then I heard a noise, under the couch, like something bumped into something. Stella and I looked at each other and I pulled my legs up on the couch. I told myself it was the wind, we have had a real northern wind blowing through for a week and branches are always slapping the side of the house. But this sounded like it came from UNDER the couch. I continued to check my emails and then heard a sound that can only be described as something small chewing.

Again I told myself it was nothing and turned the radio off so I could hear better, there it was again, in fact it was consistent. I thought maybe it is a fly stuck behind the curtain and hitting the window, that has scared me before. (I am very afraid of anything that scurries and has more legs than me) But I checked behind the curtain and there was nothing there.

OK, so I removed myself from the couch and sat at the dining room table. I went back to checking emails, refusing to believe anything was under my couch, insisting i was imagining things. But I could hear this noise across the room and Stella kept looking under the couch. So I turned the fireplace fan off and damn, yep, there had to be something under there.

Well, I sure as hell was not going to look. I tried from a distance and grabbed my purse that was on the floor by the couch. I decided to put my boots on, just in case something ran out at me. I thought, “Carrie you shouldn’t be such a chicken, just move the couch and look, it’s probably just a mouse.” But something just would not let me move that couch.

It was now after 10 and I knew if I was going to get a neighbor to help me I had to go now or everyone would be in bed. I didn’t want to bother anyone but i also knew I would not sleep all night and if I did it might  move and then tomorrow I wouldn’t know where it was. So I left stella to guard it. hahaha Stella was pleading with her eyes to not leave her with whatever it was. Poor girl she is not brave. (she hasn’t left my side ever since, she is velcroed to my one leg)

Luckily the same guy who got the big spider for me was just getting home when I walked up, and he said to give him a second he’d be right there. Stella was so happy to see him! she kept running in circles and would jump on the couch, jump down, run to him and back to the couch.

I said to him. “It’s probably nothing, I am such a big chicken , but I appreciate you looking for me and putting my mind at ease.”

He moved the couch and wouldn’t you know it a big frikken rat runs out and goes behind a chair in the corner, I screamed, Stella ran to the door. I was jumping up and down screaming,”Rat, behind the chair.” then it ran back in his direction and he stomped on it. grooossssss!! yuck yuck yuck!! *shivers*

He asks for some goves and i get him some Hazmat type rubber gloves I keep for occasions just like this. He had brought a rag with him and he wrapped it up and packed it out to throw in the lake.

OMG!!! i don’t know how it got in, I thought I had sealed up any holes a rodent might use to get in but they are sneaky little devils and can weazel through the smaller crack.

The whole time I was going through this I was thinking; this is so much like when I was with my ex.

– I suspected there was a rat in the house but told myself I was crazy, imagining things, paranoid, that I didn’t hear what I thought I heard.

– I tried to divert  my attention and ignore it, maybe it would go away but I could not ignore it any longer and had to admit something was wrong.

– I tried to minimize the problem, maybe it is just a mouse and not as bad as I think it is.

– I told myself I was being silly, over reacting and should be able to deal with this on my own.

– I didn’t want to bother anyone with my problems

– I was afraid I was going to look silly when there was nothing there.

– I waited until the final hour, when I had no other choice; to get help.

– Even when I did get help I minimized the problem and said, “I am being silly, it’s probably nothing.”

– It was not until it was caught that I finally accepted it was a rat and then I was mortified and really afraid.

– After the rat was gone I was really nervous and thought I heard or saw rats everywhere.

– I had thought I had cut off any access any rats would have to me but it must have crawled through the tiniest little crack somewhere. (why no contact is so important and when I say the N will use the tiniest opening to get in and abuse you again.)

Funny that whenever I am plagued by annoying, invasive and hard to get rid of pests such as fleas, and rats I am reminded of my ex and end up resorting the same type of denial and magical thinking I did with my ex.

Just goes to show you that it is human nature to refuse the see things that we are afraid of and don’t want to deal with.

The last thing I wanted to deal with last night was a rat, but no matter how hard I tried to convince myself it didn’t exist or was not as bad as the evidence was suggesting; I had to eventually deal with it or end up with an even bigger problem, perhaps even having it procreate in my home or bring its buddies. One thing is for sure, by pretending it wasn’t there, I would have undoubtedly made things worse for myself and would have had a much larger mess to clean up.



Too bad there is no such thing as a “Narkin Man” someone specially trained to identify and eradicate narcissists from your premises and dispose of them appropriately.