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I Love Analogies And I Have a Couple For You Today

My friend and I have been taking our dogs to a local river, Suicide Creek; and the dogs love it! It is so beautiful, peaceful, the water is cold, clear, green and you can see all the rocks on the bottom so it is clean. It is glacier water or from the snow melt off. There are sand bars, boulders in the middle of the river, worn smooth from the water flowing over them for decades. Drift wood washed smooth by the water, that I can’t help but collect because they end up in such cool shapes and I love how nature transforms things into something unique and beautiful.

And therein lies my analogy for today.

mar2015 026

Stella and her momma, Kya found something interesting. The river is really low right now because we didn’t have much snow, even in the higher levels and not our usual rain either.











mar2015 034

Stella swimming out to fetch a stick. The other dogs won’t swim but that is where Stella shines and comes into her own. She can’t run fast but she is greased lightening in the water. Part Lab with webbed toes, the body fat to handle the cold water and strength to fight the current. PLUS it is the one and only time she is not afraid!!! She bounds into the water for the stick and if it sinks she won’t give up. She has scared me more than once when she wouldn’t come back because she was looking for the stick.

Stella swims out and the other dogs wait on the shore and then she passes it off to them like a relay race. Such a sweet soul my little has.

Stella swims out and the other dogs wait on the shore and then she passes it off to them like a relay race. Such a sweet soul my little girl has. When my son got his dog back after two weeks he said, “Where is my little pork sausage? she lost weight” She was so busy all the time playing! Stella didn’t eat for 3 days after Kya left she missed her so much.

M ARCH 13 023

I am so blessed to live 5 minutes away from this kind of beautiful nature. I swear I live in some of the most breathtaking country in the world. Later in the day Mai, my neighbor threw the stick and it went out too far into the fast water. Stella went in after it and got swept away by the current. I was ready to jump in and rescue her but she got the stick and made it back to shore. The next stick she was right back in there swimming in the rough water. Which brings me to the first analogy. Stella is afraid of everything, but she knows she blows all the other dogs away with her swimming. She shines when she swims. She doesn’t even try to run after a ball when she plays with GG because she knows she won’t get it. We all have that something special we do better than anyone else, we all have our moments to shine.

I was walking along soaking up the beauty around me lost in thought. My thoughts were:

The river has obviously changed course over the years, like our lives; it can flow through the same path for decades and then something will happen. There will be an exceptionally heavy rainfall or snow and the river will overflow its banks and alter its course. it can happen in the blink of an eye. I have seen where someone owned a home nowhere near the river and the next day they had riverfront property. Or someone who had river front and then had nothing. Life is like that, it can alter course in a heart beat. It might bring devastation with it, but over time where the river used to run fills in with greenery, the altered river leaves behind a treasure trove of drift wood and rocks for people like me to collect and pack home, it leaves behind little plots of sandy beach for people to cool and sun themselves in summer.

A river has its rapids, and calm eddies, it gets wider and narrow in spots but it keeps flowing, and it is always beautiful. A tree ripped out of the soil when the river changed course sits roots exposed; over time the river rubs the roots smooth and washes all the dirt away, the sun bleaches the wood and it becomes something totally different, but beautiful all the same, and now it is something unique, something weathered by life is transformed into a piece of art by nature.

I can’t help but feel energized when I go to the river and look at life through a more positive lens. Life may batter me, my life may get knock off the course I had planned but somehow I will carry on and the end result will be someone who had their rough edges smoothed out, someone who was challenged and made it through, just as beautiful as I ever was only more interesting and unique; not like everyone else.

And to be perfectly honest, I have never wanted to be just like everyone else. I am not the kind of person who goes with the latest fads, if everyone else is doing it I will make sure I don’t do it or wear it. It only makes sense that my life would not stay on course either.