Knowing Your Worth

Ocassionally I have a woman come into the blog thinking the man they are in love with is a narcissist because he won't commit. I have to tell them that just because a man won't commit does not make them a narcissist. For one thing a narcissist is not that honest. There is nothing wrong … Continue reading Knowing Your Worth


Moving Forward With Boundaries In Place

Here is an excerpt from a post I did today on the No Reim'er Reason site. "I found with James, over time my respect for him dwindled; and it bothered me. How can you love a man who you do not respect? For me it goes hand in hand; on the other side of the … Continue reading Moving Forward With Boundaries In Place

I Am Only Hurting Myself

I was reading a post from one of the blogs I follow and really enjoy, An Upturned Soul, the link to the post is here. I commented on the post but will get into more depth here about how our actions affect those around us. There is a tendency with victims to forget how their … Continue reading I Am Only Hurting Myself