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Snoring Puppies

I was in YouTube to post that video and came across this video from when I first got Stella. now there is barely room for her and I on the couch and back then I had two of them beside me. They had destroyed the house and were totally exhausted. If you listen closely you can hear Stella snoring.

Then I let you have a peak at the mess they had created, no wonder they were so tired!

Aaaaah the memories, not much has changed really. I left Stella home alone for a couple of hours last week and she ate three or four large glue sticks. luckily everything came out ok! then she ate a black felt pen in my bed and got black ink on herself and my duvet  cover. And she ate a pair of my capri pants my mom bought me, granted I left them on the floor so it is my own fault I suppose.

Today I went to my appointment at the new funding office and came home to; a box of staples she ate the box and the staples are scattered about, ate a pop tart, chewed and spit out an empty pill bottle and ate a pair of my panties that she had to dig out of the laundry hamper.

But when I get home she is so happy to see me and greets me with so much genuine love, how can I be angry? I scold her but she keeps licking me and hugging me until I laugh.

like my son used to say, “Just a big marshmallow”

Snoring puppies