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A Little Stumbling Block Again

I just wanted to do a quick post to explain that I am going to be scarce for a couple of weeks. Nothing bad or new to report but the fellow I get my internet off of has taken off in his boat for a two week vacation. If his boat isn’t hooked up to the internet I am without internet.
Pretty well everyone on my wharf uses his connection so Dock B is without internet!! We are all in the same “boat” pardon the pun.
The marina has internet but I have to sit in the bar or restaurant to get it and it takes me over an hour to wade through my email everyday, longer if I reply to anyone.
I am going to try typing out my posts ahead of time and just copy and paste them in WordPress. I doubt I will be able to reply to ever comment though. So if I don’t reply to your comment I am not ignoring you. Everyone here is really good about welcoming new comers and supporting each other so I am confident you all will do just fine without me.
I have received a couple of donations recently and not been able to get into my email to send a proper thank you. So please know I received the donation and am SO very grateful!
I don’t know what I would do without you all.
I am doing this post on my phone but it is obsolete and I can’t do a lot of things on it; like email. I am due for an upgrade but have to get my bill paid up which I will be able to do this week. Thanks to a few angels from here.
On a side note I weighed Stella on Friday and she was 101 lbs!! I think she is going into heat too! Oh joy! She is really clingy, sucky and even more sensitive than usual.
I thought I had lost her tonight. My neighbor was over and we were having drinks up top and she jumped ship. She hung around for a long time, coming every time I called and then she was gone.
I have another eye infection and can’t wear my contacts. (I need new lens’s that is why I keep getting these eye infections. Another thing I will have to get this week) so I couldn’t see her. I walk up and down the road calling and she was no where. I was sure she had been picked up by someone.
I went back to the boat and put in my contacts so I could see to drive. My neighbor headed off in one direction; he loves Stella too and I was in panic mode, praying to God she wasn’t gone.
I drove to the back of the parking lot, calling out the window and then I heard her nails on the pavement. Oh Thankyou God!! I opened the door and she clammered over me kissing my face and I broke down in tears.
I don’t know how I would ever live without her and I would have blamed myself for not watching her closer. She has never strayed that far.
I found my neighbor and told him I had her, he was so sweet. Obviously he knew how upset I was.
Blessed, truly blessed.
With a good neighbor and my puppy is safe and asleep by my side.

And Now For Your Entertainment – Stella!!

I DO have a good life and a part of that, a very large part of that good life is due to who i spend it with, my sweet sweet Stella.

I was enjoying feeding the geese from the window of the boat just a few minutes ago, it’s amazing how fast those babies grow. It was just a week ago they were little balls of fluff and now they are swimming just like the big geese. There are always a lot of adult geese along with them and you don’t want to mess with a protective Goose.

Everything was going along fine, you can hear the babies making their squeaking sounds trying to sound like an adult and then you can see one of the adult sit up straight and honk, then he starts to hiss. I am wondering what is going on and pan the camera to where the goose is looking and hissing and who do I see, 1/2 way out the window? You guess it, Stella, ready to take a swim with the geese. Funny girl!!

The video goes black for about 15 seconds while I get a slice of bread so keep watching. I can’t edit these things not techie at all. Enjoy!! and I hope where ever you are the sun is shining, the waters are calm and you find joy in something, even if it is just a small thing that makes you smile.

Sorry forgot to add the link the first time, then I added the wrong link, it was 14 minutes of someone’s “loon Cam” boooring!!! finally I am hoping I got this right!! Like I said, i am not techie at all 🙂 , here is the link Carrie feeds the geese 

The Bone Thief

A little Friday levity. It is a sunny day here with predicted rain later so I will have to get outside with Stella early today but I had to share a skeleton in our closet.

Stella is a kleptomaniac, I hate to admit it, but ……. my sweet little girl is a bone thief. Forgive me I have shared this before, I am getting older and forget who I told what story sometimes.

At first I didn’t take it too seriously, Stella’s bone addiction that is; it seemed innocent enough, a social bone once in a while. She seemed to be able to chew a bone, bury it and forget about it for a day or two. But her addiction has changed into a full-blown, 24/7,  obsessive, addiction, she is up to two bones at one time for crumb sake!! and so young!!

Let me back track a bit. As you know Stella is a big girl, not fat; big-boned and as I have shared before, her forte is swimming and certainly not the high jump! A while back she jumped over the neighbors fence and ended up taking out the lattice-work on the top because she didn’t manage to get high enough. In essence Stella attempted to go OVER the fence but instead went THROUGH the fence.

GG her BFF is part border collie and part Belgium Malinois

GG river

You can see that she is much slimmer than Stella and my goodness this dog is spring-loaded! She can jump that fence from a standing still position, whereas Stella took a running leap at it and took out the top foot of the fence.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the bone addiction.

My neighbor Mai buys bones from the butcher for the dogs, she always gives Stella a bone as well, so really Mai is the one who started this problem and I now refer to her as the “bone pusher”. Mai is caring for 2 Pugs and her daughter has a Pug, the Pugs gang up on Stella. Whenever Stella goes in the yard the pugs will dog pile her, biting at her ears, neck, tail, anything they can get their jaws around and Stella used to run under the picnic table or between my legs to get away from them.

Since Stella made a hole for herself in the fence she has been quite proud of the fact that she is now able to jump the fence and does it on a regular basis just to prove her agility. The other day I was sitting outside watching her play with GG and all of a sudden Stella was gone and the pugs were going crazy. I looked on Mai’s deck and there was Stella trying to make herself as small as she could, her tail tucked in, in a crouched position, with pugs hanging from her, darting around on the deck as if she was looking for something.

Next thing I know she comes sailing over the fence like a horse in a steeple chase, she cleared that fence by 6 inches easily and looked so graceful. I noticed she had something in her mouth and watched where she went. I followed to see what she was doing and there, in the grass, were 5 bones! every single bone Mai had given out the day before; in a neat little pile.

I let her out for a pee the other morning and she was taking an extra long time, when she came back with a bone in her mouth I knew where she had been. She must have 20 bones buried and hidden around the neighborhood. At any given time she can find a bone within a few feet of where she is. She knows where they all are and checks on them every time she goes outside. She hides them under my pillow, between the bed and the wall, under the door mat, in the couch. Every morning she greets me with a bone in her mouth as if to brag that she has a bone, this morning she had TWO bones in her mouth.

She is going to be some upset when we move and she realizes she has left all her bones behind but maybe it is a good thing. She will have to go cold turkey but this could develop into a huge problem. I envision people enjoying a tasty barbecue steak dinner and Stella sailing over the fence, grabbing their steak bones and making her escape before they know what happened.