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Come Back To Bed And Cuddle

This is the last video of Stella for a while, promise. I just had to share this because I thought it was so sweet and dang it I think she is so sweet, she makes my world so much brighter because she has such a loving heart and touche my heart every day. I have been waking up early lately and this morning was awake at shortly after 5. I was making my morning coffee when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I expected she was doing her usual wiggly bum routine but then I noticed she had a mouthful of socks, so I grabbed my phone and started taping to see what she wanted. When I went to get the phone she put the socks down but as soon as she had my attention again she picked them up. This is what she was wanting.

Good Morning Miss Wiggly Bum

Every morning when I get up Stella gets up a few minutes behind me and always, always, comes out of the bedroom with one of my socks in her mouth and her bum wiggling. She whacks herself in the face with her tail she wiggles so much. She can hardly walk she wiggles so much and then she wants snuggles because I think she thinks we were apart all night and we are reuniting even though she has slept in bed with me all night.

How can a person not have a good day when it starts like this?