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Things that are unexplainable but happened

Finding a casket at the scrap yard could mean quite a few things.

– A funeral home went out of business

– It went out of style

– Someone bought one and didn’t need it? Kinda makes you wonder, didn’t it fit, wrong colour?

– Times are really tough so someone dug up grandma and cashed in her casket; they took the bronze plaque in last year.

– It’s a sign that the scrap business is dying a slow painful death. I can believe this one because the prices are so low the scrap yard is like a morgue.

– A couple bought two and now are divorcing and one of them plans on coming back to haunt the other one so has no need for it.

– It fell off the hearse and no one noticed and it didn’t have a “If Found Return To” sticker on it.

I thought I’d seen everything at the scrap yard but this takes the cake so far. It would make a great Halloween prop.

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Just because I think it is such a dang cute picture

Just because I think it is such a dang cute picture

The other day I left Kato at home so he could have a break from the puppy chewing on his ear, face, and legs, hanging from his neck with a mouthful of wrinkles or laying on him trying to get comfy on the seat. I asked him if he wanted to come along and he lay on the couch and gave me an “I hope you don’t mind but I think I’ll just lay here today.” look. Just the tip of his tail wagged like the tail of a rattlesnake; in that way dogs do when they aren’t sure you’ll be angry and they really want you to be happy. I said, “Ok little buddy, I understand, I’ll try to not be gone too long.”

But I was way later than I had anticipated and when I got home 10 hrs later I jumped out of the truck yelling, “I’m home Kato! I’m coming little buddy!”

I opened the trailer door and got prepared to give him his hugs and head rubs but he pushed past me and made a bee line for the nearest bush. The poor guy peed and peed and peed, his eyes squinting and a look of concentration on his face, and then he moved to another bush and peed again.

When I had opened the door of the trailer I caught a whiff of something not too pleasant; I felt so bad because I knew he would rather bust than do his thing inside but I was also dreading cleaning up the mess.

I left Laila in the truck while I said my hellos to Kato so he got my undivided attention but he didn’t seem to want to say hello to me, I thought he was pissed off because I had been gone so long. When I opened the door to the trailer he ran in and immediately jumped up on my bed and lay there with the tip of his tail hesitantly flicking back and forth.

I flicked on the light and burst out laughing at what I saw in front of me, ‘Oh little buddy, you are some kinda special puppy; what a good boy you are!” When he realized I wasn’t angry Kato’s tail broke out into full fledged wags and he laid his head down and looked at me upside down giving me his “Do you love me?” look.

What had my special puppy done?

I had two pairs of thongs by the door, an old pair and a brand new pair I had just purchased the day before; but now they were scattered around the living area of the trailer……………each one holding a pile of pooh. One pile had been a bit too large for the sandal and had overflowed onto the floor but he had covered it with one of Laila’s teddy toys (I noticed he didn’t use his own stuffed turkey) but aside from that the mess was easily cleaned up (I threw away the old thongs and washed the new ones)

I could envision him, busting for a pooh and not being able to wait any longer and not wanting to make a mess; searching for a solution to his dilemma. Then he had a brain child; take a pooh on her thongs! It serves double duty; 1) He doesn’t make a mess
2) He gets back at ne for being gone so long¤

I could envision him lining up his bum so the pooh would land perfectly on the thong and not the floor. As the day wore on and he had to go again and again he pulled out more thongs but he couldn’t figure out what to do about going pee so he held it.

I know I go on and on about how amazing my Kato is, but come on now…………who wouldn’t be impressed with that? Huh? Pretty damn “Einstein-like” for a dog wouldn’t you say?

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Lime-And Not The Kind That Goes In A Margrita


JC and I looked at each other and almost in unison repeated what “B” had just said, “Lime?”

B: “Yeah lime, like the stuff you put on your grass, it would speed up the decomposing process and kinda percolate and that would be the green slime I would imagine.”

Me: “You’re bull shitting us right?”

B: “I don’t know what’s down there, I’m just saying that if a person was to kill someone and wanted to get rid of the body they could put it in a box with lime and it would make the body decay faster and prevent it from stinking. The hole they punched in the foundation would have been for air circulation, it would need the air to rot, and why they left the floor boards.”

JC and I just looked at each other, my stomach was sick and he was staring at “B” with his mouth 1/2 open..

JC: “Holy shit………Fuck……….now what?”

Me: “We have to tell the police”.

JC: “I want someone else to look down there first, what if I’m wrong? I’d feel like an idiot. “B” come back to the warehouse with us and have a look”.

B: “No fucking way, I’m not looking.” (B was one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met, before and since, if he wouldn’t look I was scared)

Me: “But who would be in the boxes”, my stomach flipped at the thought

B: “You heard that the guy’s girlfriend disappeared right?”

Me: “I heard they split and he took it hard, that’s when he stopped paying rent and the place went for a shit.”

B: “It was the talk of the town, everyone was talking about it for a while, they had a missing person’s report on her and everything. I guess they questioned him and he said she just took off one day and he never heard from her again. U think they even suspected him for a while but he no one was ever charged. Far as I know they never found her. I don’t know what eventually came of it.

Me: “And the owner’s husband, who NEVER wanted to leave work or take a holiday, went to Mexico and just like that(I snapped my fingers) decided to sell everything and refused to come back. That never did make sense to me. No wonder she’s so nervous!”

JC: “But one of the boxes isn’t oozing any green stuff, just one.”

“They were put down there at different times; the one has finished percolating” “B” said matter of factly.

Me: “God I wish you would quit saying percolating.”

JC: “It wouldn’t stink? At all?” he looked at me.

We’d both felt uneasy in that room from day one, it was the only area in the warehouse we hadn’t used. For some reason neither of us ever went in, we didn’t even store stuff in there. We both had felt uneasy in the whole warehouse, but there was something about that room. JC had mentioned more than once he felt something evil in there and one time had come out of the warehouse saying he had been dragging a hose through the warehouse and it felt like someone was pulling it the other way but when he turned around there was nothing there and when he went to keep walking it felt like he had walked into a “force” something stood in his way and he had to push past it; it freaked him out enough he came outside.

I took it with a grain of salt because he had lied to me before and I thought he was just trying to get attention or keep me out of the warehouse or something; but like I said before I never went in the warehouse unless JC was in there because it had an evil feeling about it. This though was more than either one of us could get our head around.

Me: “Well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into JC.” I said and gave a nervous laugh.

JC: “How long would it take before it stopped”……..he glanced at me…….”percolating”.

B: “I don’t know for sure, I’ve never done it you know, but I would think maybe a year?”

The time line would be right for the girlfriend. I couldn’t think about it but couldn’t stop thinking about it. JC and B were talking but my mind was in overdrive thinking about all the possible scenarios.

Did they kill the husband first and then the girlfriend figured it out and he had to kill her? Why would they have killed the husband? I couldn’t stop my mind from racing. This can’t be real I kept thinking, just like I didn’t want to accept JC was an abusive man I couldn’t accept that we might have stumbled upon two murder victims. Things like this happen to other people, in the newspapers, on TV, in movies but not in MY life.

JC and I didn’t sleep all night, we sat up talking, running different possibilities past each other and then the sun was coming up and the birds started singing and it almost seemed like a dream.

Captain Hook arrived for shift change and asked us how the night went and we told him what JC had found, he looked at both of us as if waiting for us to laugh or to see if we were pulling his leg but both of us just stared back at him. JC said:” come look before the others get here.”

I stayed behind and JC took Captain Hook around the side of the building, I paced as I waited for them to return, it didn’t take long. I was so hoping Hook would be laughing and telling JC he was crazy, I mean I didn’t totally trust JC to not be lying, but I doubted he’d take it this far.

When they got back Hook looked really worried and just said:”We have to call the police.”

Me: “Did you see the green stuff oozing out of one of the boxes?”

Hook: I’m not sure, the battery died on the flashlight before I got a really good look but there’s two boxes there for sure and they’re big enough for a body.”

Me: “Well, call the police then, we have to.”

JC called the police and told them he had found two suspicious boxes in the crawl space and thought they should send someone to look. It didn’t take long and a cop car with a lone cop pulled in. He talked to JC and then I saw them walk around the side of the building, I went into the warehouse and the security crew were in a huddle talking about the new development.

Next thing I know JC is back and the cop is gone. He said the cop took one look and said he had to go get his supervisor and a stronger flashlight and he’d be back. A couple of hours later a cop car pulls in and two cops get out, the one from earlier and an older guy. JC walked to meet them and the 3 of them talked for a minute and then they went around the side of the building. The two cops looked in the hole and the supervisor shrugged and said, “So there are two boxes.”

JC said he asked if he saw green slime and the cop had said yeah, so what? JC had said, aren’t you going to go in there and check it out? And the cop said there was no reason to and they left.

That was it, there was no statement taken from JC or the security guard, no one ever looked in the boxes and as far as I know they are still there.

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