Instructions For A Bad Day

This is a link to another Shane Koyczan video. I love this guy, I find him so inspirational and I believe he is Canadian, correct me if I am wrong. He is the epitome of someone who was oppressed and bullied, and he took his talent and courage and started to speak out and now he … Continue reading Instructions For A Bad Day


Lavender Laptop

You may has noticed I have been around a bit more, and yes I am back, just busily trying to catch up on posts on the sites I follow and still cleaning up the mess the hackers left in their wake. Narcissists no doubt. Of course they are narcissist, who else does something like that? … Continue reading Lavender Laptop

I Said Elegant Ankles NOT Elephant Ankles!!

I swear my fairy godmother needs to start using her hearing aid! I have been having a really bad run the last week or so; just not feeling myself and I apologize for not being around the site much. I think PTSD has hit me full force and I don't like it! Learn this lesson … Continue reading I Said Elegant Ankles NOT Elephant Ankles!!