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Instructions For A Bad Day

This is a link to another Shane Koyczan video. I love this guy, I find him so inspirational and I believe he is Canadian, stressed2correct me if I am wrong. He is the epitome of someone who was oppressed and bullied, and he took his talent and courage and started to speak out and now he is an inspiration to people around the world and has made a change in the world for the better, speaking out about bullying.

We think of children when we think about bullying but it is the same for anyone who is criticized for who they are, perceived or factual. Some days we pack the weight of the world on our shoulders, we start to feel sorry for ourselves and the slightest problems grow to insurmountable proportions, overwhelming us. It is easy to get on roll, where you wake up and maybe you had a bad dream or for whatever reason you are miserable. You can’t get motivated to do anything but drag yourself out of bed and wouldn’t you know you are out of coffee. You go to get dressed and the shirt you were going to wear has a button missing. You think, “Why doesn’t anything ever go smoothly??” You lose your car keys and frantically tear the house apart looking for them only to find them still in the door from last night. You start the car and it is on E and the light goes on. NOW you have to stop for gas and you are already late! Figures!!

You are pissed now and of course there is a lineup at the gas station and that idiot ahead of you has to fill his tank and you are in a hurry!! then on the road you are cut off by some moron and you give him the finger and honk. By the time you get where you are going you are fit to be tied and even someone opening the door for you pisses you off. “What? do you look helpless? You can open your own damn door!!” When, mid afternoon you can’t find the file you know you just had and need right now! it is enough to bring you to tears. You go home and the dog is waiting at the door and is so happy to see you and you trip over him as he excitedly bounces in front of you wanting attention and you snap at him to get out of your way and promptly breakdown in tears. What is wrong with you?? Why are you so sensitive, biting the kids heads off for just being kids? crying over things that really don’t matter?

It is called stress, it is called being at the end of your rope, maxed out, running on overload, PTSD, in other words you are on emotional overload. For so long you operated at maximum sensitivity, trying to please the N, figure out what he was doing, dealing with what he was doing, trying to stop what he was doing, and understand what he was doing and then accept what he was doing because he told you there was something wrong with you for being upset over what he was doing.

You were either second guessing your feelings, stifling them or riding an emotional roller coaster. One thing for sure, you were never allowed your feelings, they were always wrong, and they always expected more from you. More understanding, more forgiveness, more damage control, more loving, more, more, more and now if one more person expects you to give, understand or accommodate them you think you will explode! It is just too much for one person to handle, you want off the ride, you want to sleep for …………. ever! Doesn’t anyone understand?? This one is for you! Much love and hugs to all.



Lavender Laptop

You may has noticed I have been around a bit more, and yes I am back, just busily trying to catch up on posts on the sites I follow and still cleaning up the mess the hackers left in their wake. Narcissists no doubt. Of course they are narcissist, who else does something like that? Who else but a narcissist would overtake someone’s email and play on people’s sympathies to get money? What I found especially reprehensible was that they used the tragic situation in the Ukraine as part of their scheme; so totally narcissistic!! 

Once again I found myself mopping up the mess left behind by someone who invaded my personal space for their personal gain. I had no idea how invasive something like getting your email hacked can be. It even crossed my mind that it was JC because it was so destructive. My email had contained all my personal information off of the laptop I had been used, because before I gave it back to my brother I emailed all my personal files to myself to be held in gmail until such time I got another laptop. Not only did they invade my email and approach all my contacts asking for money they then changed all my security question answers and closed the account. I would have been able to retrieve my account if I would have been able to answer my security questions but of course I couldn’t. FYI, there is no one you can talk to personally at gmail, you can only communicate through the forum and they just keep asking you the same questions that you know the answers to but told over and over again you are wrong. Sound familiar?

To add insult to injury I used my gmail account to sign into most of my other apps, like Facebook, You Tube, aboutme, twitter, WordPress, and the list goes on. Once my email was closed I lost access to all those accounts also. Top top it all off, trying to rectify the situation was made even more frustrating by having to do it all using my cell phone. It felt far too personal to be just a hacker who randomly picked me, but there are too many other people out there who have had it happen for it not to be. So beware, many sites are now offering 2-step verification and I advise everyone to activate it.

So, what is a lavender laptop you wonder. It is that beacon of light at the end of a tunnel, it is that hand extended into the darkness, the understanding ear when you are so frustrated and feeling too tired to give a shit any more. I received a private email from my dear friend Paula from Paula’s Pontifications (I have reposted from her sight many times) she is another survivor thriver of abuse, and she offered me a laptop she had that she said was just sitting there. I accepted, with tears streaming down my face. Within a few weeks it arrived as promised, special delivery. I picked up the parcel from the post office and opened it in the car immediately, all of a sudden my car was transformed into a lavender garden. I love the scent of lavender and always plant it where ever I live, it is a calming scent and even when it is strong it is never too much; the scent was unmistakable to me and sure enough wrapped in with the laptop was scented soap, a sachet of lavender, some lotion and a card with words of encouragement and love. I cried.

The laptop is wonderful and empowering; but more than the laptop; it is the act that did the most for me. From the day I received Paula’s email my life took a turn for the better, good things started happening. Then a few days later I got a call from an old friend of mine, Tina who has moved away but has taken to reading my blog and she was calling to say she wanted to send me a tablet and she would get back to me when she figured out the details. (she lives in a remote area away from any major cities) I cried.

I still had not received anything tangible but those two women gave me so much more than a laptop. I don’t even know if I can describe it adequately. They cared (not that other people didn’t care, I know many people cared and my family cared) they validated my writing, they validated what I do and didn’t want me to stop, and that meant more than I can say. But it wasn’t just that either. They believed in me and it had a snowball effect. They say that a negative attitude brings negative things into a person’s life and positive brings positive; I have always believed that but some times no matter how hard you try you just can not be positive. It is easier said than done, you can pray, you can be thankful but deep down you are tired, sick of the struggle, sick of being violated, sick of being sick and you just can not feel positive. The minute I got Paula’s email my attitude changed, here was someone who didn’t have to reaching out, you can’t get much more positive than that and then as if to reinforce it Tina called. Not only was it wonderful to talk to my old friend, it was wonderful that she accepts the new me. 

Lets face it, I am not the person I once was, deep down yes I am but in so many ways I am not and yet she still loves me and accepts me for who I am today. More validation. 

I like myself more than I ever have in my life but it still feels good to have someone else like you too. 🙂 Someone who knew the old you, someone who doesn’t have to love you.

And like miracles happen, day by day and bit by bit good things started coming my way. I had to apply for welfare because I wasn’t getting my separation slip from my brother and I hate to go to welfare, any time I have I end up giving up because of the attitude of the people who work there. But this time the woman was so kind and helpful and I felt she cared, but it is still a lot of jumping through hoops. Whereas in the past I would get frustrated with the red tape, hoops I’d have to jump through and attitude I would have to deal with this time I just went with the flow and gave up control. I could not make things move any faster than they were. Finally I got my separation slip and within a week I had money in my account, I was able to call welfare (and the woman who answered had a real attitude, like I was interrupting something important she had to do) and tell them I no longer needed assistance so they could close my file. (her attitude changed then) I had enough money to get caught up with my rent, (I will not be able to keep my house and will continue to rent it until it sells, who knows if it is in God’s plan it won’t sell and if it does I have to believe he has something better planned for me) I was able to pay my hydro bill and cell phone bill up to date. I paid back friends who had lent me money, and I even had enough to pay the vet bill of the dog that Laila attacked and fill my fridge and cupboards with food and fill my gas tank. 

At almost exactly the same time my brother got a huge renovation job on another casino out of town and my services were needed, I owed him money from the time when I wasn’t getting my EI money so I worked for free, finding hotels, labour out of town, and working on the site safety manual. Relieved to be able to avoid getting more in debt. In the middle of all that the laptop arrived. 

Not that much has changed but everything has changed. 

I was no where near as down as I had been and things are just as tentative as they always were, but for today and this week I am paid up with my bills, I have food and I am feeling positive and able to tackle whatever comes my way. 

There are so many things that affect a person’s frame of mind and for me; my weight is a big issue. I was anorexic many years ago and haven’t even owned a scale for 30 years. When I met JC I wore size 11 jeans. I am 5’11” so I considered myself slim. After 10 years with him I was wearing size 7/8 jeans and even getting into 5/6’s depending on the style. Of course I worked damn hard and that helped keep my weight down also. Well since my last heart attack and without the constant barrage of drama and trauma from JC I have steadily put on weight. I truly don’t mind, I think I was too skinny and everyone has said I look better now than I have for a long time; but all my clothes were getting uncomfortably tight and to someone who has a thing about her weight that is deadly. I was finally able to go to Value Village and buy myself a couple of pairs of jeans that fit and that has had an enormous impact on my state of mind.

I have no idea how much weight I have gained because I refuse to get on a scale.

I have saved the best for last. My brother asked my son to come to work on this new job and offered him full time work and my boy is coming home!! he will be back in BC by the end of this week. I am so happy!! He will be working in a town about 1/2 an hour from where his daughter lives so hopefully we will be able to see her together and maybe just maybe we will be able to see her at Easter and my mom and step dad are planning on driving out there so we can spent Easter together. I will keep my fingers crossed but whatever happens I am just blessed and thankful my boy is going to be near by.

SO, that is the news from my end.

I am back and really happy about it. Now that I am back, I think I needed a break from it all, time to rejuvenate and refresh. There is a fair amount of stress involved in dealing with people who are going through probably the worst time of their lives, it is hard to repeat yourself day after day after day, continually rehash your experiences in order to relate to someone who is devastated. I want to help others but I have to remember to take care of myself first. That is what got me into the relationship to begin with; putting myself last on the list, thinking I could do what I needed to do for me, “later”. 

God has a way of making us stop even when we don’t think we should. I should know that by now.



I Said Elegant Ankles NOT Elephant Ankles!!


I swear my fairy godmother needs to start using her hearing aid!

I have been having a really bad run the last week or so; just not feeling myself and I apologize for not being around the site much.

I think PTSD has hit me full force and I don’t like it! Learn this lesson from me and try to avoid going through it first hand. You. ARE. NOT. INVINCIBLE.

Although I don’t know how I could have handled things much differently as I am only human and only had limited resources. I had to keep going or roll over and die, I didn’t have help, I had to keep working; yes my pride played a role also, I must admit.

It’s been 6 weeks since my truck broke down, a month ago I put the problem in the hands of the owner of Ccon thinking if anyone cpuld see the logic of getting my truck up and running it would be him. If anyone had the power to make it happen it was him. But I have found that there are people out there who don’t operate with the same ethics as I do and can sleep at night even though they are contributing to another person’s stress. I have learned that what I consider to be the obvious choice is not the obvious choice to others.

If I am presented with a problem and given two choices; with both choices the impact to me is minimal but one choice could destroy another person I would choose to not destroy the other person.

What I really love and what always makes me leary is when a person feels it necessary to keep telling you that they have your back, they are trying to help you out, they have your best interests at heart. Yet their actions are not saying that, they are saying they care about you but that is not what you are feeling or seeing.

If you have been with a narcissist you know what I am talking about; they are saying one thing but working behind the scenes against you.

If you have been with a narcissist you also are very aware that most people don’t believe half the stuff you say the narcissist did so you are hesitant to say anything when you see it happening again because you don’t want to appear paranoid.

I mentioned last week that they hadn’t even ordered the parts yet. Colin had called me a week after the truck was towed to the other shop to get the number to call to order the parts. I was surprised he was responsible for ordering the parts but what can I say? Its ultimately the bosses decision. Well last Monday I called Colin to see if he had any idea when my truck would be done. He said Carlo was picking up the parts that day. So Tuesday I called Carlo to make sure he did pick up the parts. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. He was obviously just as confused as me, he said he hadn’t been involved in my truck repairs at all but he would ask around and get back to me.

Wednesday I hear back from him that they have the parts but there is one part they are having trouble tracking down and that is holding the whole thing up. I knew and had told Colin that the fork had to be ordered from California when the truck first broke down and he had said he could fabricate one. Even if he decided to not make one he knew where to get one and it would take 5 days to get here, or for an extra $25 it could be rushed and be here in 2 days. That was 3 weeks ago and now they were still looking for a part?? It didn’t make sense so I called Isuzu parts department and asked about it.

Interestingly enough the parts were just ordered the day before. They were all coming from California and no one put a rush on them so they would be here early this week. Lovely!!!

Then on Friday I get a call from the owner of Ccon to tell me that he has changed his mind and now he is repairing the truck so he can sell it. Sorry, he tried to do the “right thing” but he didn’t want the head ache and could I drop my laptop off at the office next time I was by there or he’d send someone to get it. (it is the company’s laptop I had just hoped to use it until I got something else happening)

I am not super upset about losing the truck, I could see more repairs down the road and I had already decided to get out of scrap; or been forced out of scrap. It was the whole dragged out ordeal!! For 6 weeks I have watched my customers drop off, not knowing what to do about it. I didn’t apply for welfare because I thought I’d be back to work before the benefits kicked in, now I have to wait 3 weeks.

I went to the sports clinic and got my neck adjusted thank God!! The therapist walked in and said it was good to see me, it had been 7 years. I said I was surprised he remembered me and he said, I don’t remember you; I remember your neck!

I have been feeling very strange all week, light headed, almost stoned!, upset stomach, edgy, unable to concentrate, and unable to sleep!! For a solid week I will feel tired, go to bed, fall asleep for about an hour and then wake up feeling like I can’t breath. I have tried sleeping on the couch and the same thing happens, I fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up gasping for air.

I am going to go to the doctor for a complete physical; it’s time but I think I have pushed myself to my limit (with some help)

I remembered I have some money locked in to retirement funds. I know it wasn’t much but forgot to give a change of address the many times I moved. The economy crashed in 2008 and some of my investnents dropped so low they disappeared. But I call the investment company and she was able to bring my file up. She couldn’t tell me how much money I had because we were on the phone but I have an appointment to see her tomorrow. Apparently I have so little money they will let me withdraw it before I retire. I am only hoping it is enough to pay the fees to transfer the cabin into my name and buy a small car that will be cheap to insure, on fuel and easy to repair.

That is the big update!!

Posted by Carrie Reimer the Lady WithaTruck

Well That’s Just Ducky!!

Very protective momma had just beat the crap out of a male duck that got too close to her babies.

Very protective momma had just beat the crap out of a male duck that got too close to her babies.

setting sun glows off the baby feathers

Babies and mom

Mommas coming for bread crumbs


Follow the leader


half the brood is around my feet waiting for bread crumbs


Proud momma of twelve

Proud momma of twelve

My life has been on freeze frame for a month now and the frustration of not being able to make anything go the way I want it to eats away at me. I try to not worry or let things get to me but really, we all know that even if you refuse to acknowledge stress it is still there eating away at you.

But if there is any place on earth that will DEstress a person it is the lake, water of any kind is relaxing but living in the middle of nature has a very organic property to it’s stress relief. In my mind there is not much that can beat walking out your door and counting ducks, eagles, Heron, Osprey and fish jumping in the lake. Nothing is quite as awe inspiring as an eagle swooping down not 10 feet in front of you and scooping a fish out of the water and flying off. Nothing lulls you to sleep like the crocking of bull frogs, combined with the wails of the coyotes. My sister in law lives in downtown Vancouver where the streets are alive 24/7 and the sirens blare all night long, and when she stays with me she complains because nature is so noisy it keeps her awake. lol

On any given evening you will find me putzing in my back yard, pulling weeds, having a Mike’s Hard Lemonaide and counting ducks. I have two families that come for a visit, when I walk out to the water’s edge they come expecting bread crumbs. One time I give them bread crumbs and now it is expected and they bring friends. The one momma has her hands full with 12 baby ducks, they are actually quite big now and scared me when they stampeded at me for crumbs.

The other family is just 4 but they are so tiny and SO cute!!

Every day has a blessing to be thankful for when you live where I do, so I thought I would share the blessings before I start complaining. lol

The New Truck


My new truck, a 1993, GMC

My new truck, new to me but far from new; its a 1993 GMC made by Hino. Not the prettiest truck for sure but probably the best truck I’ve ever had for getting the job done.

As per usual I forgot to take before pictures but its already looking alot better since I washed it and painted the rusty wheels black and redid the black trim. I still have some more work to do on it and when I’m done it will be really cute. Well, maaaybe not thaaaat cute but better.

One of the things I learned from JC is to keep your vehicle looking clean and well kept. Its a reflection on the person driving it and when you are in your vehicle all day it affects your whole attitude if you don’t like what you are driving. People think I am crazy to put Wet & Black on my tires and worry about rust on a scrap truck but I feel better when my truck looks good. It is the first impression people get of me and I figure it says alot about my work ethic if I take care of an old scrap truck.

I had my meltdown on Sunday night and Monday but was feeling much better Tuesday and Wednesday. The major problem was my truck not starting and then finding Colin with another woman and him copping an attitude.

It was great shades of JC and sent me in a tail spin I was unable to pull myself out of immediately.

On Monday I ended up calling the previous owner who was a sweetheart and drove from the Fraser Canyon to Cultus Lake to help me, he has phoned regularly just to see how I am doing because he felt bad Colin left me high and dry. He has even offered to lend me the money to get a new starter.

But as happens often in my life God sends special people to help me. I was at Canadian Tire Monday evening, the truck wouldn’t start again and I was on the phone with Frank, the previous owner. I must have looked very distraught because a man approached my truck and asked if I needed help.

I got off the phone with Frank and told the man my problem. He did what he could, banged on the starter etc and nothing worked. Then he said, “I’m going to do something a little bit unconventional, I’m going to pray”.
He asked me if I was a believer and I told him that I had at one time had a strong faith but it had been challenged lately.

He put his hand on the starter and prayed, then told me to try to start it. Nothing happened.  I could tell he felt really bad and he apologized; I thanked him very much for trying and he left. I was standing there wondering what to do next and decided to try one more time; and it started immediately!! I looked for the good samaritan and saw him pulling out of the mall, too far away to notice my truck had started. My truck has started every time since. Believe what you want but I don’t think it is a coincidence. Its a God thing and I’ve had similar things happen to me quite often.

My mom gave me $80 when I was there earlier in the day so I had enough money for a permit and fuel so I could work Tuesday. Tuesday I made enough money to insure the truck and my girlfriend who doesn’t work Tuesday’s went down to the office after hours to make sure I got my insurance.

For every asshole that comes my way God sends me 3-4 sweethearts.

Broken Heart Syndrome


The picture at the top of my truck is the load I had loaded the day before my heart attack, I wasn’t able to insert it where I wanted and it showed up at the top. Oh well, bigger things to concern myself with.

When commenting on my post yesterday “I Am Not Dealing Well” Donna mentioned I should Google ” Broken Heart Syndrome” so I Googled it this morning and was hit with an epiphany! That is what I have!! So many things make sense now.


Broken Heart Syndrome is a condition caused by severe stress and is 7-9 times more likely to affect women than men. A report done by the Mayo Clinic says it can be brought on by surge of stress hormones such as adrenaline, which temporarily enlarges part of the heart and it doesn’t pump well while the rest of the heart pumps normally or even more forcefully. It was originally called takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The symptoms are treatable and usually reverse themselves with a few weeks.

A typical stressful event that may bring on Broken Heart Syndrome are, a sudden death of a loved one, a big financial loss, domestic abuse, sudden job loss etc


The systems of Broken Heart Syndrome are:

– Chest pain

– Shortness of breath

– An irregular heart beat

– A generalized weakness

– Back up of fluid in the lungs

They say that it is reversible in most cases, but it does damage the heart and it makes sense then that prolonged stress can do permanent damage and in some cases can be fatal.

Interestingly enough I had a heart attack in November 2011, almost a year after leaving JC. I had been working very hard that day and loaded a big load on my truck.

That night I was very tired and had pain between my shoulder blades, I assumed I had just pulled a muscle or was coming down with something. I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep. I woke up 12 hours later with my coat still on. It was Saturday and I had to get the load off my truck so I forced myself to get up. I unloaded my truck, feeling worse as the day wore on and by 2 I decided to just go home to rest. I had indigestion all day and I still had this pain between my shoulders so I thought maybe a soak in a hot tub would help, but the hot bath only intensified the pain. I was sitting on the couch, when my right arm went numb and then felt like dead weight. I knew then that I was in trouble, so I Googled heart attack and found out I was right. I took the dogs for a pee and fed them, then got dressed and drove myself to the hospital, still thinking it was probably nothing and they would send me home. But I called my son just in case, to tell him I loved him. He in turn called a good friend, Isaac who is a trucker and just happened to be in town at the time; Isaac rushed to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital they immediately hooked me up to machines and admitted me, I was having a heart attack. I insisted I had to go home to my dogs and they laughed at me, I wasn’t allowed out of bed to go pee for 5 days. I was taken by ambulance to New Westminster for a special dye test, where they pump dye into your veins to detect any blockages.

There were no blockages, my cholesterol levels were normal, I had none of the usual reasons for having a heart attack, I am not over weight, no high cholesterol, no blockages, I am not a drinker, I lead an active relatively healthy life but they could see obvious damage done to my heart and asked me if I had been severely ill lately and I couldn’t think of anything.

I was released from the hospital and told to take 6 weeks off, and was back working in 2 days. Who was going to pay the bills?

I have noticed I get out of breath easier since but basically haven’t had any problems since; except, the last couple of weeks. The first time Colin and I had sex I couldn’t breath, I was fighting for breath the whole time and by the time we finished I was gasping for air and had to ask him to get off me. The slightest weight on my chest made me feel like I was suffocating.

The next time wasn’t as bad, but I have developed fluid on my lungs the last few weeks, waking up in the night to cough. I can feel the fluid in my lungs like when you’ve had a bad chest cold and you have to cough up the phlegm. It has concerned me because although I am a smoker I have never had a cough, but now it makes sense.

The trouble breathing while having sex had gone away and I was able to relax and really enjoy making love.

Since I walked in to Colin’s the other night I have had terrible shortness of breath, shaking, and have felt I could have another heart attack. Yesterday, I was having such a hard time with my truck and he had such an attitude, I literally thought I would pass out and there was no compassion or concern from him just distain and anger, so reminiscent of JC I even called him James by mistake once.

I know my reaction to Colin is not strictly from what Colin has done but it is more to do with JC, its just that Colin is another narcissist and it only makes sense that dealing with him would cause me to think of JC.

Very interesting stuff. The doctors did tell me I have permanent damage to my heart now which is kinda scary that the bastards can physically break your heart. And you can die from a broken heart. It makes what Colin did even more vile and incomprehensible.

Hugs to you all



Sometimes 55 is Just Too Old

Life has its twists and turns that’s for sure, MY life anyway has always been a series of detours. It seems I never have long before there is a “change in direction” . Yesterday was one of those days, a “detour” day, I am still digesting everything.

I have mentioned before that I have been asking for a meeting with management, I have been making a list of areas that I thought they could improve productivity, I had some questions and most importantly I wanted a job description.

It was my belief I was hired as PR, someone who was out in the public representing the company and getting the company name out there, work with charities, and do pick ups when necessary. I was told that they didn’t care who brought the scrap through the gate as long as it came through their gate, so I gave people the option; I can haul it in for you or you can haul your own and get more money.

I was told I could take the truck home and I was told I could have the dogs with me and I was told to just carry on doing what I had always done, only I was not the Lady Witha Truck any more.

As it turns out since I started there has been a huge rearranging of duties and downsizing. They have closed three of their locations and combined two locations into one. The person that hired me is not the person now in charge. I was told the dogs could no longer ride with me so C built me a dog kennel at the house which has worked out really well but I have been plagued with guilt and indecision about Laila.  Laila is a “special needs” dog, she is extremely attached to me, very hyper and needs a lot of exercise and she is aggressive to other dogs. My new place has 3 pugs next door that torment my dogs every time they go outside. In fact any time I am out in the yard they bark incessantly at me and even chased me and my dogs back into my house one day because they were loose and of course my dogs would win the battle but I didn’t want their blood on my hands. Kato by himself isn’t as aggressive but even he hates those dogs next door. Anyway I was considering getting rid of Laila because I felt it was unfair that I was gone all day and she wasn’t getting any exercise, but then I was afraid she wouldn’t get a new home that would appreciate her good traits and she might end up being a guard dog at some yard, left alone all the time and just getting more aggressive or beaten for her strong will. I contemplated putting her down because it would be kinder than her living a horrible life somewhere else but the thought of that was more than I could bare. I was feeling I had totally dropped the ball and let her down. I hate not living up to my commitments and responsibilities. It was tearing me apart. And poor Kato, he’s ridden with me his whole life and would lay across the door way in the mornings in hopes I wouldn’t leave him behind. I know they are “just dogs” and I complied with the new rules, my job was more important and I understood that other people didn’t think it was fair I brought mine to work and they couldn’t bring theirs.

So long story short, I got laid off yesterday. They want to put a young guy on the truck, someone who can really chuck steel. They were really good about it and are going to buy me my own truck and any small jobs they get they will pass along to me. They won’t be doing small jobs any more.

They just bought me $500 in Carhardts and spent another $200 on safety boots which I get to keep and I can pay back the truck over time when I bring steel in. It is very fair of them and they paid me a weeks severance plus my full wages for this pay period. I can’t say anything wrong except there was a huge lack of communication but I suppose that is as much my fault for not pushing harder for a meeting.

At the time I was hired I was not making it with the little truck I had and I was living in a hell hole. Working for them got me into this place which probably wouldn’t have happened if |I had been self employed and I will have a better truck for the job. I guess I am meant to be the Lady Witha Truck and this is all a blessing in disguise. but it is hard on the ego to admit I am too old to compete with the young bucks.

Right now it is hard because I am getting calls from customers and I don’t have a truck and all \I want to do is get out there and work. That old panicky feeling wells up inside me.

I am trying to force myself to see the bright side and use the time to do the much needed yard work but so far the most I have done is give Laila a bath. btw she didn’t like her first bath much. lol

I think what bothers me more than anything is letting people down.