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Sun Rise At The Marina

It doesn’t surprise me that now that I have the internet I am feeling more myself. It is not that I am hooked on the internet per say but I am hooked on writing, the blog, knowing what is going on in the world and trying to find work or some way to make money. I really felt “out of sorts” to be away from the blog, to have the blog out there with my name attached to it, knowing people were asking questions, looking for support and I was unable to help and had no idea what anyone was saying on the blog. My good name is very important to me and I am very careful about what I say on here. I don’t want to mislead anyone but everyone did a wonderful job of supporting each other and new comers and I want to thank you all! But of course you are all loving, caring people or you wouldn’t be here to begin with! That’s what got us in so deep with the Narcissist after all.

I also think I am, once again; adapting to life. It is impossible for me to stay down when I have nature all around me. When I wake up at 5 am and Stella needs to go pee, so in my PJ’s and slippers we walked up the ramp to the grass and see this;


You don’t have the benefit of the sound track that goes with the picture, a chorus of birds; how many different varieties, I haven’t a clue, but they harmonized like they have been rehearsing for this morning all their lives, but then, they sound that way every morning.

April202015 009

I walk Stella several times a day and she has quickly become a fav amongst everyone, she is just so friendly and happy all the time, hard to stay down when she is around and when you are surrounded  by happy pleasant people.

This is a walk we do a couple of times a day, it is a 2km walk that starts at the marina and goes along the dyke. When the tide is out there is a huge mud flats where all the ducks, geese and heron feed off the goodies left behind. I usually let Stella off the leash while we walk and just put her leash back on if I see someone coming with a dog, until we know for sure that the other dog is friendly and if the owner of the dog is friendly. (some aren’t you know? but most are)

Anyway, I digress, the other day I let her off her leash and she took off like she was spring loaded, full tilt down the bank towards the mud flats. I looked to see what she was focused on and saw the geese way out by the water; there was a whole lot of mud between Stella and those geese and I yelled “Stella NOOOOO!!” but she was not going to be deterred, she was going to catch herself a goose!!

I knew I couldn’t go out there, I would get stuck for sure, her saving grace was that she was moving so fast she didn’t have time to sink but I knew I would get 1/2 way out there and start sinking and end up losing a shoe at the very least. Once she had chased the geese for a good 5 minutes and realized she was never going to catch them, she came back to me; covered in mud from her ears to her tail, wagging her tail sending clumps of mud flying in about a 5 foot radius around her. There was no way to wash her off, so all the way back to the boat I gave the heads up, “Muddy dog alert!!” I made her stay on her bed until she was dry and the mud mostly fell off but I had to shake all the sand out of MY bed the next day. (of course she sleeps with me) But how could I get angry? she was being a puppy and life is good when you are a puppy and you can chase anything across a km of mud!

April202015 014

Looking back to the marina from the dyke. you can just barely see how wide the river is. The marina is actually sheltered by a couple of islands in the middle of the river.

She has two suitors, Turbo, a handsome one year old Cane Corso x that weighs about 100 lbs and can usually be seen dragging his owner down the dyke with the guy hanging onto the leash with both hands and his heels dug into the dirt trying hold Turbo back. But Turbo fell in love with Stella at first glance. Then across from us living on a sailboat is Mate a one year old Irish Setter who does a tap dance on the deck of the boat he is tied to every time Stella walks by and she likes to flaunt her stuff in front of him too, the little manx.

So today I go to meet with the CEO of the company responsible for whether I get funding or not, it will be interesting to see what he has to say. I will keep you informed.

Oh, and btw, someone asked for more specs on the boat. It is 34′ long and 10′ across. The aft berth is 6.5 ‘ long and 8′ across, the salon is 10′ across and 7.5′ long and the galley is 5′ x 8.5’.

Here is a close up pic from this morning and a pic of the swim grid off the back of the boat.

April202015 052

April202015 057I have been very busy polishing chrome and doing small repairs every where. It is amazing how a little work is making such a difference. i will post more pics of the inside later. The curtains my mom made look great, but we only got half of them hung because it was no easy task getting a curtain rod up, the old one was so brittle it broke so I have to improvise something.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day!!