Is It Time For More Life Changes?

You know if it wasn't so dang frustrating I would laugh, but |I am not quite there yet.  I keep telling myself that things happen for a reason and things will unfold as they should but I want things to unfold the way I want them too, I don't want any more change right now, … Continue reading Is It Time For More Life Changes?


The Inevitable Happened

I don't know how many of my followers noticed that I have received a couple of nasty comments recently; one from JC and then this morning one from a "Chuck". I "spammed" JC's right away and then regretted it because I thought his response was so typical of a narcissist I should have left it. … Continue reading The Inevitable Happened

Oh So Ya Wanna Hear?

Well, last Saturday was a pretty shitty day all in all. I was going to do the flea market. (I found these really cool clothing display racks behind the mall in Langley, I would put a picture if my camera worked on my new phone, but that's another issue and I'm already juggling 2 and … Continue reading Oh So Ya Wanna Hear?