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Another Post About “The Dress”

Yes another post about the Salvation Army’s campaign to raise awareness about Domestic Violence, but this one is so much better than the one I did, so please go and check it out and sign in the comment section. This lady is my hero, she speaks out often and loudly, she works at ending domestic violence with her whole being because she lost a part of herself to DV, her sister and she will never stop fighting for her soul mate, her sister Kay.

The link is here MY INNER CHICK

If you are in an abusive relationship or doubting whether you should have left or struggling with no contact PLEASE take time to read some of Kim’s posts. If you can read them without crying I will be surprised. Read what your loved ones will go through if you stay and die. Don’t think he would never do that, Kim’s sister didn’t think he would either.

Lie is worth living!!