I Think I Am Almost Ready To Leave Him

Another comment from someone on my most recent post about leaving a narcissist after 19 years. "Iv been with my N for two and a half years. Not all of it was bad. There’s is alot of good in him but a lot bad too. He moved in with me 6 months after we got … Continue reading I Think I Am Almost Ready To Leave Him


Back Again I See

Hi, so you are back again; it's been awhile, but I have been expecting you. How did I know you would be back?  because you are like me; I did this for 6 years before I faced the truth. I hope you don't do it as long as I did, that is why I started … Continue reading Back Again I See

Sssh! Don’t Say Narcissist!

From my experience, the fastest way to clear a room or kill a conversation is to say you were involved with a narcissist. Has anyone else had that experience? You can be talking about domestic abuse, you can talk about men who hit women, it makes people shuffle their feet or squirm in their seats, … Continue reading Sssh! Don’t Say Narcissist!