Interesting Facts About Psychopaths

I have had questions about the "WOS" that I have never been sure if they were traits that were common amongst narcissists/psychopaths or just unique to him so yesterday I went in search of answers, just out of curiosity. I am not going to quote a bunch of medical journals or thesis I read, I … Continue reading Interesting Facts About Psychopaths


The Making Of A Victim

I find it rather ironic that society blames the victim of her own abuse when it is society that creates the victim to begin with. I am going to be guilty of generalizations in this post, I do know that what I am about to say is not 100% across the board the way all girls … Continue reading The Making Of A Victim

What I Still Struggle With – His Hate

I basically feel healed, as healed as any one can after being with a narcissist, I have said it before; to expect to go back to the way you were prior to meeting the narcissist is unrealistic, I think you can be better, more self-aware, more in tune with others in your life and more … Continue reading What I Still Struggle With – His Hate

This Is A Test – Is He A Narcissist?

I met a guy today, I want to know your opinion. I made up my mind in 15 minutes. I was running errands today and had to stop at Wal-Mart Pharmacy to pick up my heart meds. I parked and noticed a guy standing outside his vehicle talking on his cell. I walked past and … Continue reading This Is A Test – Is He A Narcissist?