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A Little Stumbling Block Again

I just wanted to do a quick post to explain that I am going to be scarce for a couple of weeks. Nothing bad or new to report but the fellow I get my internet off of has taken off in his boat for a two week vacation. If his boat isn’t hooked up to the internet I am without internet.
Pretty well everyone on my wharf uses his connection so Dock B is without internet!! We are all in the same “boat” pardon the pun.
The marina has internet but I have to sit in the bar or restaurant to get it and it takes me over an hour to wade through my email everyday, longer if I reply to anyone.
I am going to try typing out my posts ahead of time and just copy and paste them in WordPress. I doubt I will be able to reply to ever comment though. So if I don’t reply to your comment I am not ignoring you. Everyone here is really good about welcoming new comers and supporting each other so I am confident you all will do just fine without me.
I have received a couple of donations recently and not been able to get into my email to send a proper thank you. So please know I received the donation and am SO very grateful!
I don’t know what I would do without you all.
I am doing this post on my phone but it is obsolete and I can’t do a lot of things on it; like email. I am due for an upgrade but have to get my bill paid up which I will be able to do this week. Thanks to a few angels from here.
On a side note I weighed Stella on Friday and she was 101 lbs!! I think she is going into heat too! Oh joy! She is really clingy, sucky and even more sensitive than usual.
I thought I had lost her tonight. My neighbor was over and we were having drinks up top and she jumped ship. She hung around for a long time, coming every time I called and then she was gone.
I have another eye infection and can’t wear my contacts. (I need new lens’s that is why I keep getting these eye infections. Another thing I will have to get this week) so I couldn’t see her. I walk up and down the road calling and she was no where. I was sure she had been picked up by someone.
I went back to the boat and put in my contacts so I could see to drive. My neighbor headed off in one direction; he loves Stella too and I was in panic mode, praying to God she wasn’t gone.
I drove to the back of the parking lot, calling out the window and then I heard her nails on the pavement. Oh Thankyou God!! I opened the door and she clammered over me kissing my face and I broke down in tears.
I don’t know how I would ever live without her and I would have blamed myself for not watching her closer. She has never strayed that far.
I found my neighbor and told him I had her, he was so sweet. Obviously he knew how upset I was.
Blessed, truly blessed.
With a good neighbor and my puppy is safe and asleep by my side.

When Are You The Target Of A Narcissist – Revenge of The Narcissist

When can you relax and stop worrying about the narcissist see revenge? Statistics say that the most domestic homicides happen within two years of the relationship ending, either just prior to or within two years after. That does not mean it can’t happen 5 years or 10 years later, some victims never totally relax and let their guard down and lets face it. If someone wants to get you that badly and they are smart enough, they will find a way and won’t mind waiting.

Not all narcissists or psychopaths are murderers and just because they didn’t kill previous domestic partners doesn’t mean they won’t kill some day. I guess it depends on how vindictive the narcissist is and if he/she thinks they can get away with it.

I haven’t been talking about my personal life on the blog lately, a change I made a few weeks back because I realized that James was not reading my blog to read about himself, he was reading it to get info on me and what I was doing. I really  believe he is bond and determined to do everything within his power to prevent me from having anything good in my life. He is a tricky little bugger, I have experienced being stalked by him (something he totally denied but my son was with me and we both witnessed it) I know how vindictive he is and how long he can carry a grudge.

Anyway, a while back, after the drone, I had all my curtains closed, it was about 9 in the morning and I heard honking outside, I ignored it for the longest time and finally got up and looked out the window. Right across from the boat was a silverish coloured Pilot, exactly like what Marisa had when she met James and as far as I know it is what they still drive. I couldn’t see the driver but they weren’t honking at anyone else and waved when I looked out the window. I quickly pulled the curtain and they drove away. I don’t know anyone else that has a vehicle like that but I didn’t jump to conclusions and besides, even if it was him; what could he do? he would be just trying to make me paranoid, right?

I have not seen it since. Then three days ago I heard a Harley and looked up, it had taken the far side of the road and all I could see was the top of the helmet. Then I heard it turn around and come back my way. You see the marina is at the end of a dead end street and if you turn left or right you will come to another dead end. There is only one way in and one way out of the marina, unless you are on a motorcycle or walking. So anyway I was looking out the window when the Harley came past again. The driver was looking straight ahead but turned to look in my direction when he got alongside my boat, as soon as he saw I was looking he looked straight ahead and sped up. With the helmet on I can not be sure what the driver looked like but I do know what James’s Harley looks like. it is the only one like it I have ever seen, the gas tank has a design of bright orange that fades into black and so did this one. The tide was out so my boat was sitting below the road level and I couldn’t see where he went from there but from the sound I believe it left the marina.  I took Stella for a walk and could not see the bike parked anywhere in the marina.

Yesterday I was walking Stella along the dyke (to my left when I leave my boat, it is a shorter distance to the grassy area) There is a a bit of a gate entering the grassy area at my end and at the other end another gate but both have enough room to walk around them and if a motorcycle was careful they could get around also. The dyke we were on is also accessible from the main road and cars park down there all the time. Stella and I walked down there and I could see a car and a truck parked at the end of the road and noticed it was a guy and a girl kissing and making out. I was guessing they were having an affair, being each in their own vehicle and the way they kissed good bye. She left and the truck sat for a bit, Stella had wandered over there and I was watching where she had gone and calling her because I didn’t want her getting under the wheels of the truck. She had just started in my direction when I heard a Harley and the same Harley I saw the other day came into view and looked like it was going to come up on the dyke but at the last minute pulled away and was gone. When I got home I decided to do a little sleuthing to see if I could find a pic of it or some indication if he still has it or not. I didn’t find anything on the bike but I found something else that snagged my attention.


You can see the pic was taken in March 2014, so it is not a recent pic. It is a picture of the kitchen renos they were doing on the house they bought last year. What I didn’t notice at first and later went back to check on was what is sitting on the counter in the foreground of the photo above the stove. Targets.  Now, I know that they live right next door to the rifle range and I know he had guns in the past, before my time but never when we were together.  But I have to say it gave me cause to pause and reason to post it here.

I am not going to go running to the police, too much time has passed since we split and I am sure he has had his record sealed by now. There is nothing the police can do now and as far as I know he doesn’t even live here, they would think I am being paranoid. Plus there is no reason why he can not be in the area, it’s a free world. I am not going to lose sleep over it either, BUT when I leave here I won’t be saying where I am going and if I should happen to get shot in the meantime I want a record of this somewhere the police would look for suspects and that would be my blog. And if James does read my blog, he knows that I know he has a gun and now the whole world knows he has a gun and has been practicing.

Aside from that, everything is going along as usual, still fighting to get my money from the government, they are not done investigating me. Still looking for work and trying to get funded for school. But it has all been put on slow mo because of all the fires we have burning in BC and the smoke in the air. The air quality has been dangerously badly and anyone with a heart condition is advised to stay indoors and reduce their activity. I have been very tired and been having pains in my shoulder and neck; both signs that my heart is stressed; so I have been taking a lot of naps and not doing much of anything. I can only be on the computer for so long because of my bad neck so have to take frequent breaks at the best of times. We haven’t had rain in weeks and things are getting critical with wild fires popping up everywhere. The smoke is so thick you can’t see the sun or the bridge, just thick pea soup smoke and it is stifling hot and humid. At least I live on the water, I won’t burn up!!

A yacht salesman was here today to look at the boat. nothing new to report there either.

Now I am going to delivery some papers to welfare before rush hour traffic starts.

Not Enough Hours In A Day

It has been a while since i did an update post so I thought i would post some pictures showing what I have been up to and fill you in on some recent news, that sort of thing.

I can’t believe how busy I am for someone without a job!! I am up at 5:30-6:00 am everyday, I spend a few hours checking emails, hopefully reply to some comments on the blog or do a post but time flies by and before i know it the day is gone and I am falling into bed exhausted at 11 at night.

Here are a few pics of the work i have completed on the boat. You have already seen the before pics but I am posting them so you can see the contrast. I have really challenged myself with the work I have done, i had never laid a floor before or tackled a staining job as big as this. i also did a faux marble counter top in the main ‘head” (bathroom) that I didn’t think turned out too.

galley before

badly. and I just finished the bar counter top in faux marble also.

apil3 029

These are the galley before. notice the shelf above the stove only goes 1/2 way. That is because there was a fan above the stove but it quit and they took the fan out but left the wood that was around it. When I did the galley staining I made the shelf go all the way across. Sounds easy and I thought it would be but it took me almost a full day to figure it out and make it look like it always was that way. Pretty proud of the job I did.

If you notice above the stove was a shelf that was closed in on one end. There used to be an exhaust fan but it quit so my brother took it out. I fixed the hole on the outside of the boat and then removed the closed in part and made it one big long shelf. It was no easy task and took me the better part of a day. But it gave so much more storage room and looks better i think. Plus the wood looks so much better too, don't you think?

The shelf gives me so much more storage space and the wood looks so much better too, don’t you think?

The galley after

The galley after

I have also planted flowers in pots outside and will do a separate post about them. I got some cool planters for free but haven’t taken pics yet.

This is the "couch" I made out of pallets. Mom had some material left from the curtains so i used that iron on seam making stuff and hand stitched the cover for the seat. I got the seat at Spring Cleanup, it was the cushion from a garden lounger someone was throwing away. I cut it down in size because it was too long.

This is the “couch” I made out of pallets. Mom had some material left from the curtains she sewed me for the boat (pics to come) I don’t have a sewing machine so I used this iron on sewing tape and hand stitched it to reinforce it. I got the cushion during Spring Clean Up, it was off of a garden lounger and bright yellow. I cut it down to size, made a cover out of curtain material, Went to a thrift store and bought black pleather for $3 and made the skirt around the bottom. There are baskets underneath for storage. I also bought the cushions for $2 each and picked up a chair cover for $3.50 that had embossed flowers in grey and black. The back of the chair cover was the perfect size for a big floor cushion my friend gave me and the seat of the chair cover was great for the left over lounge foam and I use it on the back of the captains chair I picked up for $7 at Value Village. (no pics yet)

I don't really have any pics of the floor before but this is the floor after. I had to cut hatches in the floor and trim them with aluminum edging, edge the stairs and there is storage under each stair which give more storage.

I don’t really have any pics of the floor before but this is the floor after. I had to cut hatches in the floor and trim them with aluminum edging, edge the stairs and there is storage under each stair which give more storage.


Curtains my mom made. I had a heck of a time getting a rod up without drilling through the fiberglass but ended up McGyvering two rods into one and they look ok

Curtains my mom made. I had a heck of a time getting a rod up without drilling through the fiberglass but ended up McGyvering two rods into one and they look ok

Kinda blurry but a before pic of the main head. Bathroom

Kinda blurry but a before pic of the main head. Bathroom

head after

I still have to restain the wood in the bathroom but I like the counter top and the faucets came back just gleaming. some drift wood for decoration and I got some towel rods in scrap from Home Depot and put them up. i Googled how to get faucets shining again when they are pitted. They said to use tin foil, which is made of aluminum and scrunch it in a loose ball, wet it and rub the chrome until a black paste forms. The paste is tiny particles of chrome and tin foil and it acts as a polishing agent filling in all the tiny pits in the chrome. it worked like a hot damn and i ended up doing all the chrome railing on the boat too. My brother didn’t think i would ever get it shining again. Never say never, not to me anyway, I consider it a challenge. hehe.

I also “sewed” curtains for both bathrooms, a curtain for the sliding door in the bedroom and one for the closet I made in the shower stall in the ensuite bathroom. (I hung a rod for clothes and put in shelves for shoes, now I have more than enough storage for all my clothes, even my winter clothes)

Aside from all this work I have started with a new funding office and will try for my education yet again. I have an appointment on Wednesday. But I am still pursuing it through the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with them about the other office. We are going back and forth between the funding office and myself, they are passing the buck constantly but i am not backing down. I also have a letter to my MLA almost completed and will be sending a copy to the newspaper.

I have got several chapters of my book done and tons of stuff I have to edit yet, slowly but surely I am working away at it.

Another exciting new event coming up in my life is I was approached by a internet radio talk show called “In My Humble Opinion” for an interview. This Monday, as in tomorrow, I will be interviewed about my experiences with a narcissist and my blog and what people can do to avoid them or get away from them. It will be an hour long interview and he sent me a list of the questions he will be asking so I can prepare. I think it is going to be great!! Very excited!! and a little nervous, never done anything like this before. It is a taped broadcast so I will let you know when it will be airing so you can listen if you like. Wish me luck!!!

My son is probably moving to New Zealand!! good thing I didn’t move to Oliver!! I had a feeling!! Anyway they are crying for trades people in New Zealand I guess because they are rebuilding Christ Church. He has talked to several companies and it looks promising, he is waiting for his passport and then he will be out of here. I will get to see him before he goes but he has no idea how long he will be gone, at least a year and more if they need him. As much as I will miss him, I think it is a wonderful opportunity to travel, see a new country and still make money!! If things work out, who knows i might fly there to visit. I would love to see New Zealand, I hear it is beautiful. He was afraid I would be upset but I was thrilled for him. Of all the countries in the world to go work it is one of my first choices.

So that is about all from my corner of the world. Oh here is one more picture. i made this birdhouse out of driftwood I gathered at the river for my mom for mother’s day. I am hoping to make them and sell them at craft markets this summer. and the bar counter top I finished today, i have to clear coat it several times yet. oh!! one more thing. My son made a table top but never got it finished so I took it and attached it to the railing on the upper deck and made two legs that are on hinges and fold up, and I have started to stain the teak on the deck. They are calling me the energizer bunny. 🙂


moms birdhousekitchen bar counter