This is me in 2008 when I was the Lady Witha Truck, shortly before I was written up in The Province Newspaper on the front page of the Financial Section and prior to leaving my ex. The dog is my faithful companion Kato, without who I don’t know how I would have survived. He has since passed and I still miss him. But have a new dog my son gave for Christmas last year, Stella is a big hairy heart that makes me laugh every day.


If you are here you are looking for answers because you are not sure if you are crazy. The man you thought was your soul mate, the man who was almost “too good to be true”, who swept you off your feet; has changed almost overnight and you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell and can’t get off.

I started this blog in April 2011 because I had heard a blog was a great way to promote your business (consequently why it is named what it is). I thought I would talk about my life as a middle-aged woman hauling scrap metal. I had no intention of sharing the details of my 10 year relationship with a narcissist, but it was so toxic and left me with such deep scars and so far out of my comfort zone; I found it impossible to NOT discuss it.

Now this blog is about me, a 58-year-old woman, 6 years after being discarded in the most cruel way possible by a narcissist/psychopath, and my journey to healing.

When my ex discarded me I was a shell of the self-confident, independent woman I  once was.

I had nothing, he had stripped me of everything, including the support of my family, my self-esteem, confidence, my business and my hope. I literally left with $5 and 1/2 a pack of cigarettes, and a pain in my heart so intense I thought for sure it would kill me.

In the beginning I sat for hours crying, unable to function, broken, beaten and totally helpless.

I had to remind myself to breath and even thought maybe I could just not remember to breath and will myself to die. How could anyone I loved so completely and unconditionally, my soul mate, be so hateful? What had I done to deserve such treatment? How could he change over night into some one I didn’t even know? Was I crazy like he said I was? Did I imagine the abuse? Drive him to be unfaithful with my suspicions? I needed answers, none of it made sense to me and he wasn’t able or willing to explain why?

In total hopelessness and despair and at his encouragement (why don’t you just kill yourself no man is ever going to want a psycho bitch like you. You made my life hell for 10 years. I have found the love of my life and she is nothing like you.) I attempted suicide. When I came to the next day and realized I had failed I knew I could not trust myself to not try again and I needed to be accountable to someone. I thought if I declared to the world that I was going to survive I could not very well kill myself. So I set out to find answers and vowed to share what I was going through and what I learned along the way. I invited people to stumble along with me as I blindly tried to save myself.

What makes this blog different from other blogs you will find about narcissists and psychopaths is; I not only share the facts about narcissists and domestic abuse, I share the stupid mistakes I made along the  way and my vulnerabilities.

I didn’t know it all, I made all the mistakes and I am probably the slowest person I know to accept the truth. I bare my soul for the whole world to see. At times I have felt I must be the only person feeling the way I did; No one can relate to what a victim of abuse goes through and often times the victim is blamed for their own abuse. They are forced into silence out of fear, shame and embarrassment.

I hope reading my notes will help other victims and the people who love them understand that what they are going through is normal, they are not crazy, it was not their fault and most of all they can survive and there is life and happiness after a narcissist. People who have never been involved with a narcissist can not possibly understand the torment and destruction these people cause in their victim’s lives.

Disparaging my ex’s character or revenge is not my intention. Prior to living with my ex  I had never been in an abusive relationship and felt the same as most people; “Why doesn’t she just leave?”  I refer to our relationship as a way of showing how insidious and subtle the abuse is and to show how the victim loses touch with reality. I want to be honest so others feel comfortable speaking out about their experiences.

Psychopaths were only in the movies, narcissist’s were harmless egocentrics, and I had never heard of gas lighting or ambient abuse. The greatest weapon of the abuser is the silence of the victims. If we are to eradicate abuse from society we must speak out, expose their techniques and not keep their secrets out of fear.

My ex used to accuse me of making him look like an asshole if I told anyone what went on in our relationship.

My reply was, ” If telling the truth makes you look like an asshole maybe you should stop being an asshole”.

You can be certain he has a totally different version of events and that is his right, I can only speak my truth. It took a long time for me to accept that he is unable to feel true love, does not have a conscience, and is incapable of empathy.

Narcissists are born this way, can not be healed, are the most dangerous people on the planet and make up 4% of the world population. You probably have one in your family, as a friend, or work with one; dealing with a narcissist at some point in your life is an inevitability. 

This is what I hoped to accomplish with this blog:

If by sharing my experiences;
– even one woman is empowered to leave an abusive relationship 

– If one person is given insight into how to help a woman caught in the web of deceit and manipulation of narcissism

– If one life is saved

I will feel there was a purpose for what I went through.

I want to prove:

– A person can not only survive a relationship with a narcissist but thrive and come away from it stronger, more confident, and complete.

I have accomplished all the above. The blog has taken on a life of its own and has had over two million hits and at this time has 2270 followers. I have pages of testimonials from victims and family members of victims who credit this blog with saving lives and at the very least their sanity.  I accomplished my goal.

I did not start the blog with the intention of making money and don’t charge for any of the information I offer, but it has gotten so big that it does occupy a lot of my time and I struggle to keep it up and running. If you are helped in some way by the information I share, a small donation would be greatly appreciated. You can find a donate button on the side bar of the blog.

At the top of the sidebar is an quick exit button, if you have not left your abuser and he walks in while you are on the internet you can click on the escape button and it will immediately take you to Huffington Post. 

Remember that someone can have spyware on your computer, keystroke trackers and check your history and cookies. There is a way to browse the net incognito, please look into protecting yourself.

 There is a “search” button; enter “healing” “no contact” and any posts relating to that topic will appear. 

Please visit the Support Forum where other victims at various stages of healing congregate to give each other support and to seek support when they need a friendly ear. We are all so used to no one believing us because it sounds so bizarre, but everyone who goes to the support forum has been there, no one is judging you and we all understand. You will never feel alone again.

I do give private advice via email at reimerc@outlook.com but charge $25 an email which can be paid through the PayPal donate button. 



kris and I whistler
My son and I.


I proudly stand here before you as proof

that it is

possible to survive

and thrive after leaving a narcissist/psychopath.


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  1. No sweat. My empathy is genuine and heartfelt. As for trying to understand them, why they do the things they do, HOW they can do that to another human being without genuine remorse or a second thought, etc, it’s just crazy-making. Whenever I come around a corner and find myself staring into that sinkhole of trying to understand my ex, I do my best to turn around and walk down a different street. As we all know, some days we’re better at that than others (today has not been my best example! lol), but the choice is always ours.

    I find that spending time with my kids/grandkids, walks with friends, going for a bike ride, taking a Zumba class, climbing into bed at a decent hour with a good book, getting a pedicure, or just tidying up my place can work wonders. For those times when the pain really wells up, I find it helpful to just let it come, observe it, and let it float away again as I am able.

    Sometimes the temptation to hurt, ruminate, obsess, and so forth is so strong, but I also know that it isn’t good for me to go to that place and am getting better and better and making healthier choices for myself–and with positive results:-)

    One moment at a time, one day at a time, whatever it takes, we’ll get there. As you’ve said yourself so many times, Carrie, they usually choose people like us because we’re strong, intelligent, independent, self-reliant, talented, loving, well thought of, kind, engaging and so forth, which is precisely why we can come out of these times even stronger, better, wiser and more alive than ever before!

    In closing, a favourite quote: “If you fall down ten times, stand up eleven.”

    Hugs to all…

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  2. Yeh, the nightmares always set me back. They always involve him and one or more of his current victims. And invariably the women are looking smug, feeling superior, thinking I’m just a messed up, whacked out sore loser, and he is always either mocking me, hating me, or both…standing beside whichever one is in the dream–nightmare–holding her hand or otherwise flaunting their romance. I am almost always left with the impression that he is thoroughly enjoying the fact that nothing I could do or say would get through to the woman/women, and that he’s relishing my pain.
    But that is HIS small and pitiable little world–it doesn’t have to be mine. Or any of ours here. (Funny, his favourite expression is “Leave the drama on the stage,” yet clearly he thrives on the drama of resulting from the devastation he wreaks on others. I NEVER would have guessed that that could possibly be true, but I am so much wiser now!)
    As for the feelings of self-loathing at the realization of how easily we can be manipulated by them, I can relate, but those thoughts/feelings didn’t last for me beyond the first couple of months after we split. Now when I look back at it all, I see the truth of who I am and how I was: Completely in love, trusting, respectful and willing to take responsibility for my own fears/insecurities when they arose. The fact that what I understood then as my own baggage I recognize now as accurate intuition does not change the fact that I was acting like any healthy, self-responsible adult would if they were in a healthy, loving, respectful adult relationship. I had no idea that he could possibly be anything other than a devoted, trustworthy, kind, sincere and loving,
    monogamous man–as devoted to me as I was to him. He is SO good at hiding the truth of who & what he is! I doubt that any woman who falls in love with him will be any different.
    My choices then weren’t unhealthy ones, they came from a loving, healthy place and were based on the truth as I understood it to
    be at the time. These people are so uncannily good at deceiving…at behaving as if they truly are who they claim to be and experts at compartmentalizing, lying and hiding the despicable truth. I still don’t know how he hid the truth from me, from his friends, from everyone for so long. When it all blew up, almost no one–his friends nor mine–believed me…believed that what I was telling them could possibly be true.
    But he does have at least one long-time friend who suspected (tho kept mum) and has (I have since learned) seen it all before. And will again.
    Anyway, the shame is on him. Not me. Be kind to yourself, Carrie. I get how we could all go there–feel disgusted with ourselves for our gullibilty. But everyone can be gullible in love. If you can’t be vulnerable with another human being, you can’t love. One need only look at a narcissist to know that that’s true.

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    1. L, You are so right and that is what I have to remind myself, that I was loving him in a healthy way, he abused it.

      In my late 20’s and early 30’s I went to extensive counselling to deal with issues from my up bringing. I had an awesome counselor and would check in with him even after our sessions were finished just to make sure I was still on the right track. then I took relating effectively and effective communication courses, and when I took my business management courses they taught effective communication courses. I know how to express myself calmly and avoid conflict by expressing my feelings in a nonconfrontational way but with JC there was no way. He would twist my words, “misunderstand” my meaning, change the topic, walk away or not let me walk away and badger me until I cracked. After awhile you forget what a normal relationship functions like, you are accepting things you never thought you would and doubting yourself.

      I never led with talking about my child hood but like with any loving relationship eventually you start sharing that sort of thing. then he would start saying things like, “I know you can’t help it, and I love you anyway but you had a bad childhood but I had such a normal healthy upbringing I just can’t handle your dysfunctional way of thinking.” So I would doubt myself but now that I am away from him I can talk to myself and get myself through it.

      It has gotten so much easier and less painful, the thing that I struggle with now is the after math and trying to recover from the mess he left me in financially. That is what I get bitter about and depressed about.

      We are getting there……we all are……..and will be stronger and more beautiful than ever.

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  3. Oo, this blog is such a great discovery! I’ve been in the scrap business for a few years, unfortunately it’s with the narcissist and I’m really missing doing it. However, the emotional me has, after 14 long years, finally caught up with the intellectual me, who could see the signs that this was a sick sick sick “relationship”. More like a 14 year one-night stand, when you look at it. Unfortunately, he was so good at manipulating my issues of being alone and unliked, and hooking me into promises of being there for me when I got old, that I kept ignoring the actual fact that he was NEVER there for one single thing in the entire 14 years. Instead, it was me always bailing him out of one problem after another, paying for every single solitary thing if we went out, even to the point of buying him a pack of gum beforehand, stocking his fridge and household products, depleting my savings time and time again. And every time, I’d start pulling away, he’d pull something and lure me back again. I’ve beat myself up so much over how I’d fall for his stories so much. For example, a “good” one was in the early days when he told me that because since I was getting too old for children, he had a female friend who offered to make a baby for the two of us. Of course, duh, it later came to pass that he had been planning to settle down with her. But I still remember how devastated and sick I felt the afternoon he supposedly went over to do the deed. But apparently it worked in that one afternoon. It just floors me at how idiotic I was to fall for the line, but having been honest and trusting all my life and basically having only similar people in my life, I could not fathom why someone would make up such a story. After all, I thought, if he was really cheating, all he had to do was tell me he wanted out and I’d get out. But no, I was too useful. In fact, many times, when he’d ask me why I loved him and I’d give him a list of reasons, then ask him why, he could never come up with one single thing. Except for the time he said, “ah, because you’re very useful.” I laughed it off as supposed awkwardness in expressing emotions but there, there was the crux of the whole mess.

    Anyway, countless years of enduring those famous verbal rages, gaslighting, discounting, devaluing, you know, the whole package, I started researching what made ME so stupid that I would put up with this and discovered the reality of him as a narcissist. Still has taken me a few years to do it, but I stopped giving money, doing things, not allowing him to rage at me whereby he moved to ignoring me whenever I spoke, giving no response not even a uh huh at any comment I made. I’d occasionally make an effort drawing his attention to that and sometimes even play the game myself, but of course, no one is able to outplay a narcissist; you just get more of the same. Unfortunately, I’d still have the occasional slip and put his cell phone in my name, and run up a huge debt on my credit card. So there still is that huge financial burden on me which I really don’t want to eat. This whole being in a war zone relationship utterly drained me, leaving me dead and empty, existing only as an amoeba. I eat, sleep (badly), perform basic bodily functions but had no energy for taking better care of myself. I have only enough money to pay my bills but not much else.

    However, this summer, I discovered Meetup groups, started going on outings with them, having regular drama-free social interactions and it made aware that I’m really a kind, friendly, very intelligent, sensible person (other than this) person that people enjoy being with. This awareness, my knowledge of his dysfunctionality plus plain old battle fatigue finally combined and given me the strength to stop engaging, call him out on his threats (which he started amping up as I stopped letting him play me) and finally, finally, I’m on a path to freedom. I had no contact for 5 weeks, was beginning to have just the tiniest bit of energy, then he called. So far I’m staying strong; I just have to resist the urge to pick up his calls. I probably should figure out a way I can afford to absorb the debt on my credit card. Again, intellectually, I realize that it would be healthier to move on, try to figure out a way to get more income and start the healing without his attempts to make me feel sorry for how he’s finally getting somewhere in his scrap business and how much I’m losing out. I’m 57 and without any savings or pension, well, it’s beginning to look a bit scary out there, but again should realize that he’s never helped me before, why would he help me in the future?

    Okay, more than enough for now. I’ve kept so much bottled up that whenever I start to make a simple comment, it all comes pouring out. Sigh. I’m trying to look at it as if I had a tornado or hurricane (I call him a turricane) where one loses everything and have to recover from that, and so must I. That there’s joy and kindness and so so much good out there that it’s worth the price to be free. So greetings my fellow Canuck. Now if only I can figure out how to get into the scrap business for myself, given that I have no transport, don’t even know how to drive and no financial resources, lol.


    1. NancyP, It sounds like we werrn’t dating the same guy; his initials weren’t JC were they? That wouln’t surprise me though!! Don’t worry,90% of the women here can’t believe how gullible and trusting they were. Even once I had him figured out I still didn’t leave, if he wouldn’t have ended it I’d still be there afraid to get angry or question him on why he didn’t come home all night. One time we had his sister coming for dinner, he talked to her on the phone and said he’d pick her up in 15 mins. Se finally took the bus to our place, he didn’t answer his phone and then shows up at home at almost 8 pm ( he was to pick her up at 3pm) It was a Sat and he said he was at the bank the whole time. I said they close at 3 on Saturday. He argued with me so convincingly I had to go check the next day. They closed at 3 who knows where he was.

      They can make you think you’re crazy for ever doubting them and they might as well have the woman in the same bed with you they are so obvious. Yet WE are the ones who cause conflict!

      I am glad to hear you’ve been NC for 5 weeks; it is THE only way o heal, if you leave even a crack open to them they will find a way to use and abuse you. Good for you that you are getting out with normal people, you need that also. Life with them is so dysfunctional that after a while you don’t even want to go out; either it is such a battle getting out of the house (my ex would disable my vehicles) or he would pick a fight and I’d be toil upset, or Iwouldn’t have money, I just gave up trying besides, you certainly can’t talk about your life without people thinking your crazy.

      My ex used to haul scrap and one time when we split (because we split often and he always begged me to come back or just refused to leave) I got my own truck. It was just meant to be, I didn’t have any money but went to look at a nice little 1984 GMC 1 ton, the guy wanted $3500 and had lotsunami of people interested so I didn’t expect I had a chance to get it. But the next day he called and offered it to me on payments. I couldn’t believe it! I gave him $100 and he signed the reggie and I wrote up a promissory note to pay the rest within a year. Unreal eh?

      My business just kept growing, JC and I were on and off for a couple of years then my folks offered to hold the mortgage on a mobile for me. My business was just starting to really take off. By this time I had a F550, with a crane and winch and was making any where from $3500 – $7500 a month. Scrap prices were around $350 a ton, then the economy tanked and my folks sold my trailer. I had been NC with JC for a couple of months and out of the blue he calls saying he’s been given 6 months to live and he realized how much he love me. I know I know!!! My guts were saying run!!! But my heart said “used me abuse me”. Two years later my F550 isn’t running because he sabotaged it to the point I didn’t have any money left to fix it, I had $10,000 in towing and repair bills and I’d lost most of my customers because my truck was always broken down.

      Now I small driving a beater 1974 Chev 3/4 ton, no crane, no winch and not making enough to pay rent. We’ve been separated 2 yrs this Dec. He left me absolutely devastated in every sense of the word. I love hauling scrap I love the physical work, the attention I get being a woman doing it and I am well known now but its tough without the proper set up. We’ll see, one day at a time. I’d be over him if he hadn’t left me in such shitty shape financially. Of course he left me and immediately moved in with a widow with money and is spounging off her.

      But whenever we used to split he always got a good job and seemed to get his life together then once I took him back he’d lose his job and next thing you know we’d be homeless. I’d leave, get a nice place to live and be doing good and he’d find some way to suck me back in, he get injured or sick, his shack he was living in burned to the ground ( by accident), or he’d get a good job and start coming around being the same sweet guy I met. Just a vicious cycle round and round. So I can fully relate to what you are saying believe me!

      Where in Canada do you live maybe we are neighbours?

      Welcome aboard Nancy!!, none of us no where we are going but we sure know where the hell we’ve been and I for one ripped my rear view mirror out and threw it away. There is something wonderful up ahead for all of us we just have to hang in there and remain NC
      Please keepin touch, the more the terrier!


  4. Wow. Glad u realize that, the parasite was taking you4 a ride. A long 1 dat is. Stay strong my dear. You are back on the right path to recovery. I too was in a recent relationship with a narc! . 30 days. I had knowledge of a Narcissus and dealt with sociopaths as well. He exposed himself so quick and I ended it without hesitation. He’s been following and harrasing me repeatedly. Stabbed my tires a couple of weeks ago. He can’t understand how I was able to pull his mask off so fast and totally let him go. He bragged about me to his family. And is embarrassed about us not being together. He is also afraid. Of exposure of true character. Even the family see him as lovable. Pure evil abusive monster that had plans to destroy and devour and he lost. I made out police report. He caused a lot of damage to my BMW. He bought new rims and tires and felt the car was his. I never asked him for anything and if I new that drama came along with the things he did for me I would of never accepted shit. He has giving me the silent treatment and that’s not good because I feel he is plotting another attack on me to teach me a lesson. Taking firearm training. Will carry conceal firearm for protection. I’m done playing . I can’t allow this creep to hurt me when I was only trying to do right by his fat funky tail. Ima strong independent woman and he hate me for that, like I told him I don’t need nobody but God. Take care of yourself sweety. LoveGod 1st. The rest will take care of itself. Look forward to your reply. Love the support site and everyone of the ladies on here that had to endure so much pain.


  5. Yoicks!!! That’s fantastic that you were able to see what he was and get dump his sorry a** so quickly. Yeah, they HATE when we stand up for ourselves. I’d been stuck with this mess of a human being for waaaay too long until he accused me of some idiocy and then said that if we were in his home country, that he’d TORTURE the truth out of me. That was the final straw.

    Anyway, congratulations to all of us and continued strength as we move forward to a great new life!


  6. Wow, Carrie, it’s amazing. Is there some mold that produces these guys? Mine, too, totally twists every single conversation around so that nothing is ever resolved, used my bad childhood against me (“you were raised without love so that’s why you can’t give it.” Wha???) and has left me in such financial ruins which I kick myself over and over about how I could have kept on “lending” money when it was clear that he never repaid. I find that’s what makes it the hardest to live with. Ah well, time wounds all heels, they say, lol.

    Btw, I love your cover photo with your Sharpei.


  7. Oh my God!! I read your story. 1st off the devil is only there to kill steal and destroy. This piece of shit see your potential and is very envious of that and only wants to keep you Down. That’s why his house burned down to the ground and no telling what else happened or gonna happen to him. You sow a bad seed you reap a bad harvest. I don’t wish anything bad on these loosers but they wish it on themselves when they do good people wrong. Try reading some Scriptures and keep your Bible open. We all need the armour of the almighty God 4 protection. Also plead the blood of Jesus whenever he try to come near you. I promise them demons will flee from you. They have legion of demons in them. They sold their souls to the devil. Keep him away. So God can help your business grow. Love y’all. Stay strong sisters.


    1. lilsexxy, thank you so much for your words of support. Funny you should say that they sold their soul to the devil because I have often thought that myself. There were times I truly felt I was dealing with the devil himself. They say that just like there are angels on earth there are people here to help the devil and I think narcissists are the devils little helpers.
      Have no fear I am staying away from him.

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  8. To be totally honest I probably wouldn’t have left because I had left before and hrs always beggedme to come back, when I went back the last time I told him that wAs it, next time you say you want me to go I:m not going. Oh He was sure this time I easier all the woman he’d ever need yada yada yada. It was pretty good for the first year until wmoved in together and while he was trucking. But the same old spit started happening, sabotaging my truck so I couldn’t work, the porn, personal ads, not coming home at night, the put downs, the twisting the truth , same old stuff and then the verbal abuse, demanding money, and then the physical abuse. I still was determined to stay and by this time my business was dead and I had NO family support my mom stopped talking to me when I went back so I had NO where to go.
    He of course would flip back and forth between loving me and hating me and I was always the crazy one. Didn’r I know his love was cycleable?
    Then his sister came to stay with us, at first she believed his lies about me but it didn’t take long before she saw the way things really were and she started playing detective. She caught him. messing with my truck, found the microphone he had planted do he could listen to us talking, then I found the hidden camera. There were other things but you get the idea. So now I had proof I wasn’t crazy, he was acting really scary and she knew he was messing with my brake line, tired and stuff and she told me,”He’s going to kill you.” So I had a friend I told what was happening and she found me a place I could live for free for s few months so I left. It was terribly hard and financially I am still in really bad shape but emotionally I am almost myself again.

    I found out so much more about what he was doing behind my back onice we were split. i am glad I left now but I won’t lie it wAs tough at first and he got a new woman right away whichall but killed me. But i am glad now thst’s I left


  9. Stay strong. You are over comming the hardest part, leaving him and him being with another woman. If you keep in the back of your mind how he did you, just ask yourself, did I deserve that? Answer is, hell No. It was a blessings that his sister came because you wouldnt Be giving us your story. Honey! ! We all got a story to tell. We all share the same similar stories of inhuman abuse. No matter what color age religion. The crazy part is all our stories are so common. We all are here for you, we are all here for each other to heal and get on with out lives in a much healthier way. God bless you.


  10. Please pray 4 the victims here in Wisconsin spa massacre shooting. Getting calls from concerned friends, I was mistaken for the ex wife who was intended target of this animal. She was shot 5 tines @ her workplace n is deceased, he also shot innocent women including 1 that was pregnant. She filed restraining order after he slashed her tires, he also keyed her car. I couldn’t sleep. The victims are so heavy on my heart. We need to thank God that we are still alive to give account what theses phycotic maniacs put us through. My tires were slashed and car was keyed by my narcissistic ex. This is why I was mistaken 4 victim, he also fits description of my ex. Scarey. Please pray ladies.


  11. Thank you for this blog. 28 years of marriage to a psychopath. The crazy making was intense! Been trying to finalize the divorce going on 2 years, but like all psychopaths even the most simplest tasks are a huge undertaking! He got a girlfriend within a month of being kicked out so you would think he would want to been done with the kids and me! My N/P is a top executive in large company, connections with almost every law firm in Vancouver! Stay at home mom/wife for all 28 years, slowly putting the pieces back together. It is slow but as they say I try and take it one day, one challenge at a time.


  12. That’s all u can do 4 now is 1 ,day@ a time. Dont be so hard on yourself. Its gone take time, it wont be easy. Finding comfort and support from this site will help, knowing ur not in this alone. You took.a huge step leaving, now give yourself a pat on the back for being strong. Each day that pass tell yourself, I made it through another day without him. For the new woman he has, please don’t feel he will treat her better and they’re living happily. Ever after. Her nitemare just began while yours just ended, due to her prince really being a frog. Smile. 4 me. God bless u sweety.


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